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Where the Machine Creates the Code

Save 80% of your costs with Software Development Automation and Machine Learning

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Save 80% of costs

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Where the Machine Creates the Code

Hire the Machine

Deliver software 234 million times faster and less expensive than a human being

Outsource to the Machine

Need software? Aista Magic Cloud will kick start your project, and deliver you an MVP, at least 10x faster and less expensive than anything else out there. Prices starts at €198 per month, and we’ll give you a 30 days free trial period.

Low-Code Software Development Automation

How it works?

  • Point Aista at your existing database, or  create a new database, with a visual database designer called SQL Studio. No SQL required.
  • Generate a backend API wrapping your database in all 4 CRUD axioms using our API backend generator, allowing you to create, read, update, and delete records in your database. No coding required.

  • Generate a frontend user interface automatically using our frontend generator, without any coding. Access your database from the frontend, allowing you to edit your data from anywhere. No coding required.

  • Combine the above steps with natural language having artificial intelligence create functioning code

At this point you’ve already saved 80% of your resource requirements, and you can have your existing software developers modify the generated result to add your own business logic. Try out an example “two seconds app” here.

Need custom development on top of the generated result? Read about our consulting services below.

Low-Code CRUD app generator


The CRUD API generator that creates a web API for you in seconds


Create your next web API with nothing but SQL

Frontend CRUD datagrids

Create a complete CRUD data grid frontend app by clicking a button

ChatGPT based Website Chatbots

Need a ChatGPT based chatbot for your website? Check out our website chatbot.

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Faster than lightning

Aista Magic Cloud is a complete Low-Code cloud based software development service provider, automatically generating most of your code. We deliver everything you need to create, deploy, and run your apps in production. Our customers enjoys having their apps served through a CDN, with DDOS protection, security, replicated storage, and every single security best practice applied automagically out of the box. Our cloud services are the envy of Google.

Save 80% of your resources

Reduce your cloud costs by 90%

Increase your profitability by 10x


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ChatGPT Chatbots and Bing Search

Aista is scattered with AI and Machine Learning features where it makes sense, allowing you to for instance create your own ChatGPT based support chatbot by scraping your website to generate training data. The word AISTA is in fact an acronym, and it implies “Artificial Intelligence Software Technology Assistance”, which arguably sums up what we’re about.