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Put a custom ChatGPT chatbot on your website

Customise ChatGPT

Scrape your website and create a custom chatbot in minutes, enhancing your customers' experience and boosting your conversions. A website AI chatbot increases sales by 67%. With AISTA you can create a custom ChatGPT website chatbot in 5 minutes.

ChatGPT Website Chatbots
Integrate AI search on your website

AI Website Search

Have your website visitors rapidly find exactly what they're looking for without leaving your site by leveraging our AI Search Solutions. AISTA crawls your website automatically and gives you a simple embed code for AI Search.

ChatGPT Website Search
Leverage AI Expert Systems in your company

AI Expert Systems

Create a custom ChatGPT AI Expert System based upon your existing data, and increase your organisation's collective intelligence 10x. Upload training data from PDF documents, XML documents, CSV documents, or any other data you have.

ChatGPT Expert Systems

ChatGPT Website Chatbot

Put ChatGPT on your website

Our flagship product is our ChatGPT Website Chatbot. It scrapes your website and creates a Machine Learning model from your data. The result is a custom ChatGPT website chatbot that answers questions the way you want it to answer questions. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes. Try our own chatbot in the bottom right corner of this page if you want to try it out.

A chatbot like this will increase customer engagement and loyalty, by allowing your visitors to "talk to your website", and find the information they're looking for. Think of it like a machine that acts like a human being, only a thousand times more accurate, helping you sell and convert visitors to paying clients. 24/7 customer support? No problem, we've got you! 24/7 sales executives? No problem, we've got you!

Custom ChatGPT website chatbot
AI Website Search

AI Search

Put AI Search on your Website

Our AI Search Solutions allows your visitors to search your website in seconds, finding exactly what they're looking for, without ever leaving your site. Think of it as "your own personal Bing Website Search". Got an E-Commerce website with thousands of products literally impossible to navigate and find stuff in? No problem, we've got you!

Our AI Search Solutions are based upon OpenAI and ChatGPT and allows your website visitors to phrase questions using natural language, having the AI return results associated with the visitor's query. This makes it 1,000 times easier for your visitors to find what they're looking for, while never having to leave your site to search for it. Try it out by scrolling to the top of this page and search for something on our site.

AI Expert Systems

AI Expert Systems based upon ChatGPT and your own data

With our AI Expert Systems your junior employees can sometimes outperform a senior employee with decades of experience. Think of it like a "bigger brain" your employees can use whenever they need more IQ. Upload your data as PDF documents, XML files, or whatever data you have available, and watch your company's collective IQ grow 10x in 5 minutes.

An expert system such as this can be built upon whatever data you have in your organisation, and integrated with your CRM system, document library, existing database, or created by scraping any website out there. Need to turn an intern with zero experience into a PhD in rocket science in 5 minutes? No problem, we've got you! Need to analyse 500 pages of text in 5 seconds? No problem, we've got you!

ChatGPT based AI Expert Systems


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