About Aista

Aista is a privately held small and independent software company delivering cloud solutions to the entire world from a tiny village in Cyprus called Pissouri. For us thinking globally while acting locally is more than just words, it's our lives!

Our vision

Our vision is to automate 80% of software development, by leveraging low-code and automation techniques, freeing up resources for more creative and exciting work in the process.

Imagine how much more interesting your job would be if you could let the computer do all the boring stuff? As software developers we have asked these questions to others for more than 50 years, but really never asked ourselves the same question. Well, we asked, and we found the answer, and we're sharing it with the world.

Aista Magic Cloud - Automated coding in Hyper IDE

Our mission

Love your life

When the computer does all the boring parts of your job, you become happier, and free to pursue more interesting tasks. Our mission is to make you love your job and your life.

Aista Magic Cloud - Automated coding in Hyper IDE

Our values

We believe in working smarter, by empowering software developers, resulting in boosting businesses' performance. Our goal is to make the machine do the boring parts of your job. We are devoted to our community, where we teach, share, and listen. We take pride in empowering others by solving real world problems. We believe in you, and we believe you are too valuable to spend your time doing that which the machine can more easily and accurate do.


If they want me to stop coding they'll have to carry me out of the office in a box

Having worked as an enterprise software developer for more than 20 years, repeating the same code over and over again, at some point Thomas Hansen just "snapped", created an open source GitHub repository, with the aim of permanently solving the problem of creating software. Fast forward 2.8 million downloads, and more than 7,500 git commits, and what started as an open source hobby project, is now used by thousands of companies, in literally every single country on the planet. Even though he's the CEO of Aista today, he is still actively developing software, and personally involved in every aspect of Magic Cloud's development. And yes, he is still the top contributor to GitHub in Cyprus by numbers of commits by a margin of 50% up from number 2.

Thomas Hansen - Founder and CEO of Aista Ltd.