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In our Bazar you can find micro services covering some particular need you may have in your own apps. Subscribe to our newsletter when you download Magic and we'll give you a promo code allowing you to install all microservices for free.

Freedom from repetition

You are unique

Every time you use an existing microservice, there is one less problem for you to worry about in your own code, allowing you to focus on what makes you unique. We identified some of the recurring problems related to application development, and simply solved them, for then to give them away for free to you in our Bazar.

Give us your problem and we will solve it

You are the leader

Whatever microservice suggestion you have, you can contact us, and if it's a generic problem we believe others might have, we'll do the job for you. Too much workload? Outsource to Magic! Need a solution for a problem shared by others? Let us do the job!

Every time we release an update to a particular microservice, you will be notified through the Bazar, allowing you to install updates by simply clicking a button. Bazar items requiring a database of some sort will also automatically create the database as you install them.

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A Microservice "AppStore"

Our microservices


Babelfish is an enterprise translation micro service for apps needing to translate small pieces of text to multiple languages. In addition to an administrative backend, it contains two publicly available endpoints, intended for being used by for instance frontend applications, needing to translate small snippets of text to multiple languages. It even automatically translates items through Google Translate if you wish. BabelFish also comes with a frontend for administrating your translations.


BabelMail gives you an enterprise grade email module, allowing you to send emails, and store emails sent in a database, to such keeep a history of emails sent to clients of your company, and easily access these later as you see fit. In addition BabelMail allows you to create "templates", which are pre defined email templates, where parts of these emails are dynamically substituted as they're being sent, to have individual data "braided" into your email as it is being sent.


Babel is an enterprise grade chat module allowing you to install everything required to create your own online chat component, and embed in your own website or application. It stores all data locally in your own database, and never transmits anything to third parties. Babel is built upon SignalR allowing you to create your frontend in anything. It also stores chat history, and allows you to query chat sessions as you see fit. Babel easily integrates with your existing CRM system.

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Normally we charge between €300 and €500 for each of these microservices, so this is a bargain. You can unsubscribe any time you wish.