An iPhone based MySQL Workbench

Dozens of times I’ve had colleagues calling me while on vacation with some emergency

An iPhone based MySQL Workbench

Dozens of times I’ve had colleagues calling me while on vacation with some emergency. Once I had to spell out C# code over my cell phone from Portugal to one of my Norwegian colleagues writing it down and debugging it 5,000 kilometres away. This annoyed us in Aista to such an extent we realised we simply had to create tools possible to use on any device you might happen have, including a 100% perfectly functioning web based SQL “Workbench”, allowing you to transparently write SQL towards your database with whatever device you happen to own, including your iPhone, Android, or Tablet. Below is a screenshot of me using the SQL component in Magic from my iPhone.

Using MySQL Workbench from my phone

Although I obviously don’t recommend writing and executing SQL from your iPhone, having the possibility might sometimes be a life saver, allowing you to easily administrate your databases while on vaction for instance. In fact, every single component in Magic works 100% perfectly from your phone, including the IDE. You can see a video demonstrating the latter below.

The Magic SQL component doesn’t have every single feature that your MySQL workbench has, such as the ability to create backups, or advanced features - But you can write and execute any SQL you wish into it, and immediately see the result of your execution. We think that’s pretty cool. The SQL component in Magic also allows you to save frequently used SQL snippets, allowing you to create a library of snippets you periodically for some reasons need to execute, making it the perfect “emergency SQL administrator tool” for database administrators. You can of course connect it to any database you wish, by providing it with your connection string(s), and it works perfectly with both MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server.

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