Become a Professional Software Developer in 20 minutes

Some think I'm crazy for claiming I can teach you how to become a professional software developer in 20 minutes. They are wrong, I am right.

Become a Professional Software Developer in 20 minutes

To become a professional software developer typically requires 5 years of learning before you're even a junior developer. To understand why, let's go through everything you need to learn if you want to become "full stack".

  • PHP or some backend programming language
  • SQL to manipulate data in your database
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Basic HTTP
  • Etc ...

The above is the minimum knowledge required to learn before you can land a job as a junior software developer. However, I have another path, allowing you to "frog leap" everything from the above list, and become a professional software developer literally in 20 minutes. And it's arguably summed up in the slogan for Aista.

Where the machine creates the code

To understand realise that if you have a formal specification, you can automate the entire process of assembling the software. If you design a database, it will expose meta data. Meta data serves as a formal specification, allowing automatic processes to "generate" the end software. Watch the video below to understand the process.

Frog leaps

I just held a course for a handful of refugees in Nairobi. These are forcibly displaced from their countries of origin, and have few real prospects to establish a lifestyle we in the western hemisphere would define as "adequate". My reasons was that in Aista we've started collaborating with Arel. Arel is a refugee organisation that evolves around the belief in that dignity is a pre-requisite for establishing a valuable life. To preserve dignity, it's important to avoid charity if possible, and instead provide a path for becoming an essential part of the world wide workforce. And I figured I could use Aista Magic Cloud to teach refugees how to become professional software developers, and I could teach it to them in an hour.

Become a professional software developer

If you think about it for a while, you'll probably realise that there are millions of software related development tasks that can easily be achieved using automation tools. The idea with Aista of course is that if you've got a database, the computer literally does the rest automatically. Couple this with a yearning for learning, and incentives for changing your life, and you've got a path that could arguably employ a lot of refugees in third world countries, providing them with dignity, and have it spread out in their communities, creating a trickle down effect.

About Arel

Arel again helps these refugees to acquire knowledge and skillsets that European and North American employers are looking for. Some examples are knowledge about managing social media accounts, using Canva to create designs, managing ClickUp tasks, etc. These aren't jobs that requires years of school to master, and neither is Magic. Hence, the partnership is of such an obvious character it's almost embarrassing I didn't think about it before Arel contacted us.

I created the above video primarily for Kiza and the rest of the people in Arel to have as a reference video for their students. I will also be following up on his students, and help them out. Some of the more motivated once, I might even teach Hyperlambda to. While the paradox is that Aista makes money in the process.

The last point is crucial, not only for me, but also for the students, since I want to emphasise that by collaborating with us, we're not giving them handouts, but rather looking at them as an essential part of our company's ability to generate revenue. To understand how it works, realise that Arel's students will be taught how to create software, and deploy it for their customers into our hosting environment. This is a service we are charging for of course, but we'll not charge the refugee students ofc, but rather the end customer in Europe or North America becoming clients of the refugees delivering projects to those in need of software.

This is NOT charity!

In addition to whatever money the Arel students are able to ask for delivering the software, we'll also provide a 25% kickback commission on hosting fees, providing the students with recurring revenue. Then as a part of the process, we'll help the students register accounts at Fiverr,, etc - And polish their LinkedIn profile, and send them out in the world to "fish for software development jobs" in the west.

Basically; Win, win, win, win! We make more money, the end client saves money, some refugee in Africa gets to make a living and provide for his family, and everybody keeps their dignity in the process. I encourage you to seek out Arel and contact Kiza if you need services, and hire a refugee working remotely. It might just be a life changing experience - Not only for the refugee, but I suspect also you in the end ... ;)

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