Celebrating 250 registered users in 2 weeks

When we started Aista we calculated that we needed one new user every 42 hour to make it. We're now celebrating 250 registered users.

Celebrating 250 registered users in 2 weeks

We launched our product the 15th of August 2 weeks ago. Today we are celebrating 250 registered users. Initially things were slow, and only started picking up a week after the launch. However, now on average one new user is signing up every 2 hours. We have spent almost zero dollars on advertising, so we're quite jazzed about this feat.

When we started Aista we calculated that we needed one new client every 42 hour to make it, we're now doing 21 times better than that. Obviously software developers are intrigued by Magic Cloud. Users from every single country on the planet are trusting us and using our services. Thank you all for the confidence.

We'll give you $100

Yesterday we created a new release of Magic and updated all cloudlets. We've now simplified the process of creating a full stack web app down to 5 clicks. In addition we've implemented row level security on the CRUD generator. The mileage we've covered since we started Aista only 9 months ago is simply incredible. Thank you team, you're all amazing. And thank you to everybody who have provided us with feedback helping us to make the product better.

To celebrate this feat, we're giving everybody that converts their trial cloudlet to a professional cloudlet $100 for 2 weeks. Convert your cloudlet to a professional cloudlet, pay for the first month, and you don't have to pay again until you've spent your $100. Basically, we'll bump your account internally with us by 2 months worth of free usage for a professional cloudlet if you convert your cloudlet and pay for the first month.

Want to become an affiliate?

Do you have a successful blog or YouTube channel? If so we would love to talk to you. We are giving affiliates 25% commission for referrals. It's really simple, blog about Aista or create a Youtube video about Aista, encourage users to click your signup link, and if somebody signs up and becomes a client of us, we'll share 25% of the revenue that client brings in with you.

Become a professional user of Aista

If you don't convert your cloudlets to a professional cloudlet, your cloudlets will auto destruct after 30 days. To avoid loosing your data or code, please login to hub to convert your cloudlets to a professional cloudlet. You can do this by going to your cloudlets page and click the "Upgrade" button.

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