The difference between ChatGPT chatbots

Who can provide you with the best ChatGPT chatbots on Earth? Let's ask ChatGPT shall we? I suspect it'll know

The difference between ChatGPT chatbots

Every single day I see a new competitor of us popping out of the woodwork with a new ChatGPT chatbots thing. Every single day I check them out asking myself "what's their value proposition?" After an initial 5 seconds of testing them out, I calm down and start improving on our product as if nothing have happened, and we don't have competitors. Maybe I sound arrogant, that is not my intention, and I wish all of our competitors good luck. It's a huge market, and there's room for all of us. However, to understand what I mean, let me show you 3 live use cases for our ChatGPT chatbots. First out is Khaled Cassim. Khaled is an amazing consultant, and we have been working closely with him. However, instead of me telling you all the great things about him, let's have our chatbot explain it to you.

Custom ChatGPT website chatbot 1

According to my experience about Khaled, that pretty much sums it up.

Then we've got 4K-Soft. They are based outside of Kyiv and are amazing at creating apps for Android and iOS. 4K-Soft is a partner of us, and we try to help each other out anyways we can. This chatbot was something I created in 2 minutes yesterday, from my phone, while having a chat (pun!) with Aleksandr, their CEO over a cup of coffee.

Custom ChatGPT website chatbot 2

As you can clearly see, 4K-Soft is an excellent choice for your next mobile app. The above chatbot is not 100% correctly answering though, since it's just a mint bot created by scraping their website, which is fairly small in size, and also contains some outdated information. But I still think it gets the point through.

Then there's AmoFintech. This is another Ukrainian partner of us. They have already installed our ChatGPT chatbot on their website. Feel free to try it out. I told my partner to ask the bot a couple of questions. He came back to me with a couple of screenshots some few minutes later saying simply; "Amazing!!!!" - Yes, he added 4 exclamation marks. To understand why, let my show you a screenshot of AmoFintech's chatbot's answers.

Custom ChatGPT website chatbot

To understand the difference, realise that we're not in the "ChatGPT chatbot business". We are in the "Making ChatGPT chatbots that says whatever you want it to say business". There is a crucial difference.

Anyways, I wish our competitors good luck, and may the best man win as usual - However, I'm not losing much sleep over it to be honest with you. Let me have our ChatGPT chatbot explain to you why ...

What is the best custom ChatGPT chatbot for my website

We don't look at other vendors as competitors really, for a lot of reasons - However the primary reason is that it's a huge market, and we'd prefer to collaborate with you in it. If you are a competitor of us, please contact us if you want to sub-license or white label our technology. We would love to partner up with you and help you out. It's just the way we are. You can find our contact details here.

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