Coderfy, half the price, faster twice

CoderFy is one of our Ukrainian partners. Their slogan is half the price, faster twice. It might sound like a joke, but I can assure you nobosy is laughing!

Coderfy, half the price, faster twice

Meet Coderfy. Coderfy is a Ukrainian outsourcing company and a partner of us. Coderfy is the first outsourcing company to be certified as a licensed Hyperlambda shop. This implies that they're able to deliver twice as fast as everybody else, for half the price, assuming the project is a fit.

Coderfy is based in Kyiv/Ukraine and have access to more than 30 developers in total, some of whom have decades of experience solving software related problems. Coderfy's CEO and founder is Denys Mykhailo. Denys have more than 10 years of experience with managing and running large software projects. Coderfy is also a certified Hyperlambda company and close partner of Aista, and therefor have access to resources in Aista others don't have. If you have a problem related to software development fitting the profile of Coderfy, don't hesitate to contact Denys.

Outsourcing for outsourcing

One particularly interesting trait of Coderfy is that they also work with other outsourcing companies. Many outsourcing companies are specialising on frontends, iOS, or Android apps. Such apps typically still needs a backend to store data. In addition, such jobs are often "one time jobs" without recurring revenue. With Coderfy such companies can accept jobs they typically have to decline, because of lack of backend resources, in addition to that due to Aista's hosting services, such jobs can generate recurring revenue for the original outsourcing company. If this sounds interesting, you can contact Denys through Coderfy's website by clicking the image below.

Coderfy, half the price, faster twice

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