Create a Q&A ChatGPT chatbot for your company

How to create a ChatGPT based chatbot answering Q&A requests for your company

Create a Q&A ChatGPT chatbot for your company

We have improved upon the process of creating your own custom ChatGPT based chatbot, answering Q&A questions about your company or services - And we have improved the quality of its answers by probably 1,000,000 times. To prove it, realise these two answers are the "before" and "after" version of the same question. The first answer is what ChatGPT would give you by default. The second answer is what your bot would answer after having followed the process in the video further down on this page.

Billion-Air example chatbot

If you want to check what answer is correct, you can check out Billion-Air's website here.

The reason why we could improve it so drastically, was that we completely changed the process. The process no longer relies upon training in fact, but is more similar to "semantic search", increasing quality by 6 orders of magnitudes in the process, completely eliminating "hallucinations" in the process. You still have to ask questions about your training data, with keywords found from your training data though. If you ask about "how to cook a banana", or something completely irrelevant to your training data, it will default to ChatGPT vanilla model "text-davinci-003", the same model ChatGPT runs on.

However, if it finds anything in the question that it can somehow find in your training data, it will answer according to your training data, providing you with a 100% correct answer. Our own chatbot knows more about Aista in fact than I do, and I am the CEO of the company and its founder. Anyways, to see the revised process and easily understand it, you can watch the following YouTube video.

Notice, you should still "wash" your data, after having scraped your website, to further improve its result. If you need help with this, this is a service we provide for a fee. However, even without washing, it's still 1 million times more accurate when answering than what we could offer you previously. You should also monitor your chatbot, and edit its answers, and re-vectorise your new answers - But after a month you need to turn off monitoring, since it requires a lot of hard drive space, and our cloudlets have limited storage space. If you don't turn off caching, you will run out of space, and your chatbot will crash, and you'll have to pay us a lot of money for a manual job that would require hours of some of our best (and most highly paid) software developers. Please turn off caching or "supervision" after a month or two of real world usage.

If you need help with setting up your own chatbot such as the one illustrated above, you can send us an email at

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