Custom ChatGPT with Images

Starting from today, our custom ChatGPT website chatbots will actually display images inline if asked for images

Custom ChatGPT with Images

We just published a new release of our custom ChatGPT website chatbot, and one of the new features is that it can now display images. Above is an example from our own chatbot. This allows you to ask questions such as "Show me a photo of 'xyz'" and our chatbot will actually show you a photo, assuming your training data contains images.

Notice, before the v15.5.18 release, we were not scraping images from your website, so either you have to delete your existing model and scrape your site again - Or you will have to manually add training snippets with images, at which point you'll have to use Markdown syntax. You can also have the bot display hyperlinks and lists, allowing you to use the chatbot to route users into registration forms or product purchasing pages. If you ask our bot "Where can I sign up for a cloudlet" for instance, it will display a hyperlink leading you to

Notice, if you do not have images, AI hallucinations might be a problem, since the default ChatGPT model will simply start hallucinating. However, if you have images, the bot will display these images inline, directly into the chat prompt itself, and allow the user to click the image to "maximise" it into a light box. Below is an example of how it looks like when maximised.

Clicking on an image in the chatgpt chat window will result in this

This is a feature several of our customers have been asking for, and although it's not as "strong" as turning on search due to AI hallucinations, it's still fairly good, as long as the questions asked are specific enough, and the training data good enough, for it to know what image to display. To get started with your own ChatGPT website chatbot with image support, you can sign up for a free 30 day cloudlet below.

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