Dream Team

I’ve got the best software development team on the planet. If I ask my backend head of development

Dream Team

I’ve got the best software development team on the planet. If I ask my backend head of development to split the atom, his answer will be; “Do you need it before lunch?” - And if ask my frontend team lead to do something that’s never been done before, nobody knows how to do, and everybody says is impossible, her answer will be; “Challenges! PARTY!!” However, instead of me using words to explain the difference, I’ll let her work speak for me.

Hyper IDE invoking endpoints

The above is a screenshot of the brand new frontend, in its entirety done by our frontend girl, in slightly more than a week’s worth of coding. Every single moving part of our software now has a brand new look, and if I may be blatantly honest, a pretty amazingly nice look too may I add. Below is a screenshot of how it looks like when you browse users in Magic.

New Users and Roles UI

And of course, everything is 100% responsive, working on everything from your mom’s toaster to the latest cutting edge super computer, assuming it’s got a browser. And you can now toggle between dark and light mode, without any visual artifacts disturbing you as you do. This release closes 77 work board items, ranging from an entirely new frontend, to completely re-engineering the middleware, and weeding out dozens of bugs. Updating to the latest Angular version? Check! Integrated documentation links on every single page in the dashboard? Check! 10 times better navigation structure? Check! Simplifying code by an order of magnitude? Check! Basically, check, check, check, check, check …

Thank you guys (and gal), this was an amazing release, and I have never been so jazzed about a release before in my entire life as I was about this one. As usual, you delivered what others can’t even imagine, and you’re my favourite team ever!

Ohh yeah, almost forgot; Magic’s got a brand new dashboard too ^_^

The Magic dashboard

Feel free to checkout the goods - As usual, everything is Open Source of course!

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