Employees of the Month

Normally we make a point out of appointing one of our 3D rendered robots as our 'employee of the month', symbolising our AI technology, mostly like a 'marketing gig'. However, this month it was the people that made the difference.

Employees of the Month

We typically write an employee of the month article once per month, and appoint one of our 3D rendered robots as our monthly favourite - Mostly as a "marketing gig" to illustrate how effective our AI technology is, and how much cost savings you can achieve by using AI. However, this month I'll make an exception for reasons I unfortunately cannot talk about, but let me sum up the parts I can talk about as an alternative.

Aria, you are amazing. You are literally available 24/7, setting up AI models for clients, QA testing, and delivering way beyond expectations. 100+ pages of documentation, and you did that in the evenings, and I quote you here; "You wanted to do it in the evenings because you didn't want to waste quality client time creating documentation, so you did it 'after work hours'". For most people, documenting as thoroughly as you did would be a month worth of work. For you that was "extra work". I am speechless!

Tage, for most people getting one or two quality partners is a 6 month job. You got us 3 in a month! Non-stop answering requests from clients in need of help. 11PM at night, some client in the US wants to have a meeting, and you're there. Still you're there in the morning during standups, 08:30 Norwegian time, ready to orchestrate and talk to the rest of the team! You are amazing! The fact that you had a meeting 11PM the day before is irrelevant!

Andreas, I see you pushing to our website's GitHub repository, sometimes 11PM, a couple of Saturdays and Sundays even in the early hours of the morning. The stuff you just did for our marketing efforts, the way you are orchestrating and collaborating with graphic designers and UX designers, would for most other companies be enough work to fill "hallways of employees". For you it's just another day at Aista! Then the stuff you did for the team today, that I cannot even talk about, I think we all can agree upon was as close to a miracle you can come when it comes to team building! The way you handled the situation, from A to Z. I don't have words man, and I know the same is true for us all!

Thank you all, you are amazing. Next month, we'll go back to appointing some 3D Rendered Robot as our "employee of the month", which I think you will all agree with me is smarter for the team's collective success - But this month it was you, and it was all of you. Thank you!

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