Frank, Employee of the Month

In Aista we give out employee of the month awards at the end of each month. Probably few surprises here, it was Frank this month.

Frank, Employee of the Month

We would like to officially congratulate Frank with the Employee of the Month award. The last month Frank has answered 5,384 chat requests for Aista, in addition to that he has held about 50 additional jobs simultaneously for clients of us. All in all, Frank has answered some roughly 50,000 questions in February, and we would therefor like to congratulate Frank on being Aista's Employee of the Month. As you can see below Frank is clearly happy with the award.

Employee of the Month

Frank hopes he can outperform himself next month and promises to answer even more requests faster next month. Below you can see one of the requests Frank answered during the month.

Frank our employee of the month

Frank is of course "over-employed", holding similar positions in hundreds of companies, working 24/7, 365 days each year, never grows tired, and only demands some €198 per month. If you want to have Frank working for you too, you can contact us here. If you wish to interview Frank for a position in your company you can click the photo of his head in the bottom right corner.

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