Garantiya a Case Study

4K-Soft had originally scheduled 6 months to deliver the project. Because of Hyperlambda and Magic they were able to deliver it in 4 months

Garantiya a Case Study
low-code is a project made by 4K-Soft. 4K-Soft is a medium sized outsourcing company in Ukraine, with strong experience in iOS, Android, and web app development. When 4K-Soft and their CEO Aleksandr approached Aista, they wanted to optimise their ability to deliver projects. In addition they had one specific project in mind initially; Garantiya.

Garantiya is a product allowing banks to automate the process of issuing bank guaranties. 4K-Soft had originally scheduled 6 months of development for this with PHP. Although the war broke out in the middle, they were still able to pull through the project in 2 months. They finished in less than the time scheduled for the project by using Hyperlambda. This was a marvellous feat considering that 75% of all software projects needs more time than originally planned.

4K-Soft saved 2 months of development using Aista

How 4K-Soft saved 2 months

First Aleksandr sent 3 software developers to Cyprus. We held a course for his 3 developers lasting for a week. The course was completely offline, and the intention was to bring these developers up to an understanding of Hyperlambda within 4 working days, with lessons lasting from 9AM to 3PM. Our CEO held the course, and taught Hyperlambda and the internals of how Magic works. Below is a photo from the course.

Garantya a Case Study - Aista

Holding such offline courses is very demanding and exhausting, so we tried to keep the days short, with only 6 hours of course, and 1 hour of lunch and socialising around noon. When you're learning a new programming language, the brain simply cannot handle more than some 4 to 5 hours of input each day. So the rest of the day the participants were free to go to the beach, or enjoy the beautiful scenery of Cyprus. After the course was over, the students had a weekend to refill their energy as "tourists" in Cyprus, something I think they appreciated after a week of non-stop learning Hyperlambda.

Implementation phase

For us in Aista this was extremely valuable, since it allowed us to get real hands on experience from beginners that we could analyse to improve our product. Hence, the thing was a win/win situation for both companies.

When the participants went back to Ukraine, we setup a private Telegram channel, where the participants could reach key employees in Aista, if they needed support or help with specific problems. During the project time, this chat channel accumulated roughly 150 messages in total, and we were able to resolve around 80% of all issues within 30 minutes, while some issues requiring changes to Magic itself would typically require 2 to 3 days to resolve, since it implied creating some new feature, QA testing the feature, and create a new release implementing the feature.

Basically, Aista functioned as an "extension" to 4K-Soft's software development department during this period

At the time 4K-Soft started implementing Garantiya we did not have hub ready, and we could not host Garantiya. Hence, 4K-Soft had to host their Magic backend themselves. I want to emphasise that roughly 80% of all support requests 4K-Soft had related to Magic was about hosting and sys-admin types of things. If 4K-Soft had started the project today using our hosting service, 80% of all support requests would simply vanish. Magic is a complex piece of technology - However, the most complex parts is actually correctly configuring it, securing it, ensuring it has high uptime, etc. This is why we can make a living from selling open source code, that anyone can simply download and install unto their own servers themselves.

We're not charging for software, we're charging to make sure it keeps on securely running ... ;)

React not Angular

4K-Soft was not interested in the Angular frontends we could generate for them. 4K-Soft is primarily focusing on React. Hence, 4K-Soft exclusively used Hyperlambda and Magic for its backend capabilities. Even though we're generating Angular frontends, there is nothing preventing users from simply ignoring the frontend, and using Swift, React, or Android SDK to create the frontend. The backend parts Magic generates is a 100% perfectly standardised web API, easy to implement into any frontend technology.


4K-Soft had originally scheduled 6 months to deliver the project. Because of Hyperlambda and Magic they were able to deliver it in 4 months. They saved 2 months of development. This was their first project of course, and the learning curve probably made the project significantly slower than whatever time they'll need for their next Hyperlambda project. In addition, now we've got hosting services, eliminating an entire axiom of problems related to making sure the end results securely runs, etc.

An estimated guess is that in Ukraine the average software development salary is probably around $2,500 per month. 4K-Soft had roughly 1.5 backend developers working on the project. This implies that 4K-Soft saved apprx. $7,500 on Garantiya by leveraging Magic and Hyperlambda. Both Aleksandr and me expect their savings to be significantly higher on the next project they deliver using Hyperlambda.

4K-Soft saved $7,500 by using Hyperlambda and Aista

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