How I accidentally created the best Brownie Website in the World

Over the last two weeks, we've had people asking us so many weird questions, it's almost absurd. Want our traffic here? We'll GIVE IT TO YOU!

How I accidentally created the best Brownie Website in the World

Over the last 2 weeks we've seen hockey stick figures on our website. ChatGPT has already changed the way people are browsing the web. Having a website and scoring high in Google's SERP simply isn't enough anymore. People have expectations to your website. In particular they're expecting to be able to rapidly find answers to their questions. This makes perfect sense too, why spend hours searching for information when you can have some AI providing you natural language answers in seconds?

The way we're surfing the web is permanently changing. Great SEO is no longer enough. With a custom ChatGPT chatbot, your website becomes more valuable in your visitors' minds, and they start sending it to their friends, sharing it, encouraging others to visit your site. You want to become "the goto destination for 'whatever' is your speciality". If you're really good at something, regardless of what that is, you want people to come to you and find out how to solve their problems related to your speciality. With a custom ChatGPT website chatbot, that's actually surprisingly simple!

Websites as destinations

Imagine having a cookie recipe blog. To attract users 6 months ago, you'd apply some great content, SEO, and SMO, and catching! Cash in on ads. To understand the difference here try asking our chatbot in the bottom right corner "how to create brownies".

Brownies by AI

Our website literally has zero to do with creating brownies. Still it's probably a better website than every single "brownie website" in the world. Because our user experience allows our visitors to get instant answers to their questions. For the record, we couldn't care less about users interested in creating brownies, unless they give us a taste of course. In fact, we'd appreciate it if somebody else took that traffic away from us. However, the point is that with a custom ChatGPT website chatbot, you have the opportunity to take a significant portion of whatever market happens to be your target market, without paying thousands of dollars for SEO or Google Ads.

We've got users on our website asking us about Ferraris, phrasing questions in Chinese, asking questions about AI, Einstein's theory of relativity, the History of the Beatles, etc, etc, etc. In fact, our website is currently a better source for learning than most university websites on the planet. Our website is the best website in the world for ...

  • Ferrari
  • Cooking recipes
  • Drop shipping
  • SEO information
  • Physics
  • Marketing
  • Arabic history
  • Chinese history
  • Vikings
  • The moon landing
  • The history of communism
  • Global warming
  • Elon Musk's childhood
  • The history of Microsoft, Apple, IBM and "God knows what"
  • House building facts
  • Columbus and the colonisation of America
  • "Whatever" ...

And we'd love to have you take our traffic on these subjects. We've got enough to do simply handling all requests asking us for a custom chatbot.

If you want our traffic on the above subjects, please let us know. I personally could not care less about "brownie visitors" myself, and I would love to give you our traffic related to brownies. If you're interested in our traffic, please reach out to us such that we can help you setup your own custom ChatGPT website chatbot. We've got enough traffic from people in need of chatbots anyways ...

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