How we created a successful outsourcing company in Ukraine in 3 months

Wanting to help Ukraine we decided to create a successful outsourcing company in Ukraine. And we decided to do it in 3 months.

How we created a successful outsourcing company in Ukraine in 3 months

3 months ago we met Denys. Wanting to help Ukraine anyways we could, while also maybe generate some long term profit over time, we decided to work with Denys. Today Denys is CEO of Coderfy, he's got offices in Kyiv, that he shares with another partner of us, giving him access to 30+ highly skilled software developers, and some 10+ project leads, designers, and other types of resources. There's a photo of Denys below.

How Denys created a successful outsourcing company in Ukraine

The thing about Aista, is that we're not "just another company" - In fact, we're a franchise, with branches all over the world. In addition we've based our foundation upon ethical business. By combining this with the fact that we're a platform service provider, gives us some unique opportunities. We decided to leverage all of these qualities and work with Denys, helping him start a company in Kyiv, and 3 months later he's ready to ramble!

Denys will be focusing on custom CRM systems, outsourcing for outsourcing, and providing hosting through Aista's cloud infrastructure. This gives him a unique start from day 1, no other company can deliver. Already from day 1 Coderfy has access to 100+ years of experience, an amazing cloud infrastructure, amazingly skilled software architects and leads, without even paying a single cent for it. This allows him to enter a market no other outsourcing company can enter. If you want to have a talk with Denys about what he can help you out with, you can contact Coderfy here.

Denys can from day 1 for instance provide hosting on 3 continents, in 5 different locations. He can generate 80% of the end result automagically, delivering twice as fast, for half the price. He's got the entire leadership team from Aista on Telegram, communicating with us several times per day. Arguably, it's almost an unfair advantage, simply since Denys and Coderfy can from day 1 deliver 100 times more than the average 20+ years of outsourcing companies he is competing with. Of course it helps that Denys is incredibly smart, and willing to work around the clock to setup the company, and heavily connected, and a super optimistic guy.

Today we're probably signing the first job for Denys, creating a custom CRM system for an SaaS company. I can't tell you more yet - However, if the deal comes through, Denys will have profit the first month of his operation! Not bad for a startup if you ask me :)

Aista partnership program

We're setting up our partner infrastructure these days. If you want to leverage some of the advantages Denys has access to, you can contact us here.

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