Image support in our CRUD generator

The CRUD generator now take care of images automagically, allowing you to easily store images in your database.

Image support in our CRUD generator

Yesterday we released a new version of Magic. One of the things we're super jazzed about, is that Magic now automatically takes care of images in its CRUD generator. As you generate your CRUD app, you can now automatically have Magic take care of images, allowing you to treat images the same way you treat text.

The CRUD generator will also automatically resize images, and compress them by default - And if you've got a field named image, photo, or picture, it will default its handling to image type. Below is a screenshot of how it will look like as you're viewing items.

How images will look like as you use the CRUD generator to create a full stack web app

You can try this out by signing up for our CRUD generator here, for then to install and CRUDify the Northwind SQLite database. This comes in addition to the automatic row level security parts we implemented and released a couple of weeks ago. The idea is to make intelligent choices on the user's behalf, eliminating hassle - While also allowing the user to override these choices if they for some reasons don't fit the requirements.

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Every single week we're creating new releases and updating your cloudlets. Make sure you check back here to see what features we're releasing every now and then to avoid missing out.

Other things our CRUD generator does automagically

In addition to the newly added image features, the CRUD generator supports the following features from before.

  • Authorisation on individual endpoints
  • Logging invocations
  • Publishing web socket messages upon invocations to write endpoints
  • Caching
  • Etc, etc, etc

Try it out by signing up here.

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