Need partners ASAP

Do you love ChatGPT? Would you love installing it on your clients websites? Do you need an additional source of income? Contact us ASAP!

Need partners ASAP

In late December of 2022 we had on average one or two people signing up for our services on a daily basis. Most of these would sign up, play with Magic, and never return. Yesterday we had 65 people signing up. Everyone of these wants to install a custom ChatGPT on their website, and a lot of these needs our help. In two months we've grown on all parameters by roughly 3,000 percent!

We are now a "custom ChatGPT chatbot for your website company". Everything else is irrelevant!

I am writing this because I literally want to share our revenue with you. One of our identified strategies is to associate ourselves with partners. Partners that can help us explain how to setup ChatGPT on our clients' websites. Partners that can help us market and sell. Partners that are willing to learn how to use our platform, and sell and setup clients wanting to use it. Partners that are technically enough to explain and guide clients to setting things up.

Need partners ASAP

A couple of weeks ago I had to turn off Google Ads. We couldn't even handle the traffic. We're simply not scaled for helping out 65 new clients on a daily basis. If you know how to include an HTML JavaScript file on WordPress, Shopify, Wix, 'Whatever', and you need an additional income, and you want to introduce our product to your clients. Please contact us. We need help! And we need it ASAP!

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