Need software developers ASAP

If you are an outsourcing company, and/or an independent contractor, please contact us NOW such that we can refer jobs to you

Need software developers ASAP

Since we released our product the 15th of august, we've experienced 3,307% increase in traffic on our website. Yesterday we had 4,168 unique users on our website, and it's only going up. We've also been featured on the front page of YCombinator. This comes in addition to O'Reilly sending emails to their subscribers about our unique product, and Microsoft having published 6 articles about our innovations. To put these numbers into context realise that when Microsoft published one of our articles about Hyperlambda, it became the 5th most read article throughout the history of MSDN Magazine. You can find the article here.

We are in hyper growth and we need software developers ASAP!

Our dilemma is that a lot of companies in need of software are contacting us directly, asking us if we can help them. We want to focus on our primary product; Magic Cloud, while still helping these companies. If you have an outsourcing company, and/or are an independent contractor doing software development work, we would love to talk to you. We want to refer such jobs to you.

Revenue share

Our primary business model is hosting magic cloud through our hub. We charge 49 EUROs per month for one backend cloudlet and 29 EUROs per month for one frontend cloudlet. For outsourcing companies and independent contractors helping us acquire customers, we're willing to do revenue sharing, providing you or your company with a stable monthly income, in addition to whatever fee you charge for developing and maintaining the software you build. I would imagine this being a valuable additional income for you or the company you work for, in addition to that you would have a competitive edge on others not using our platform.

If you are an outsourcing company, and/or an independent contractor, please contact us and let's setup a meeting such that we can start the process.

We need software developers ASAP

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