New Magic Release

Today we released a new version of Magic, withlots of goodies. Read about the details here.

New Magic Release

We have just released the largest change to Magic we have ever done. A brand new dashboard, UX and UI, in addition to hundreds of new features, such as GitHub integration, DevOps and CI/CD, the ability to render static HTML directly from your backend cloudlet, etc, etc, etc.

In addition, we've also reduced the price from €49 per month to €6 per month. This implies that you can buy a Magic Cloudlet for the same price as you can buy the cheapest VPS droplet from DigitalOcean, with of course the difference being that a Magic Cloudlet does 80% of your job related to creating back office administration types of apps, and also a large portion of the job related to creating any app really.

The dashboard has been completely rebuilt, with a much better flow. Below are some screenshots of how the new dashboard looks like.

The Magic Dashboard

Below is the new SQL Studio

Aista SQL Studio

Below is the new Hyper IDE

Aista Hyper IDE

To try out the new stuff, go to hub to either register or login if you already have an account.

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