Outsource to the Machine

If you can find anybody able to do things faster and less expensive than us, with higher quality, we won't even charge you for the project

Outsource to the Machine

Aista is more than just a CRUD generator. Among other things we've got partners in dozens of countries, all over the planet, ranging from US, Brazil and Australia, to India, Ukraine and Africa on the other side of the world. If you need to create custom software, we have a whole team of specialists that can analyse your requirements, and hook you up with the right partner, such that you can rapidly have your solution if you need an app. By outsourcing to Aista, you basically get it all.

Aista, outsource to the Machine

The way we work, is that we coach our partners, often initiating projects ourselves, teach where necessary, for then to take end to end responsibility for the project as a whole. To illustrate what this implies, realise that yesterday there was 4 from our leadership team in a meeting, and I quickly did some math on how many years of experience we had combined, and told my team; "Do you realise that there are 4 people in this meeting now, and combined we have more than 100 years of software development experience?"

Our process results in a symbiotic relationship where you get inexpensive developers from low cost countries, from strategic partners of us, while leveraging super senior staff as management, able to apply our software development automation processes, resulting in simply superior solutions extremely inexpensive. In fact, if you can find anybody able to do things faster and less expensive than us, with higher quality, we won't even charge you for the project, and pay our partners out of our own pockets!

We are that confident in our product and our services!

End to end services

In addition to that we will implement your product, we will also host the end result for you. This results in zero maintenance needs for you, while getting to leverage our CDN, DDOS protection, RAID10 replicated storage technology, redundant and replicated database instances, TLS and SSL level A security, load balancing through Kubernetes clusters, with automatic docker integration for continuous deliveries and deployments.

Hit the ground running!

These are things a typical outsourcing company simply cannot deliver, because the costs associated with acquiring the knowledge needed to deliver such services, are beyond what a small and medium sized software development company in a low cost country can afford. While us being a cloud service provider, can easily dedicate resources to developing and maintaining a cloud service infrastructure that would make even Microsoft, Google and Amazon blush.

If you want to hear more about these offerings, feel free to contact us. We are based in Cyprus, inside EU, implying we've got regulations to obey by that typically low cost country outsourcing companies don't have. All in all this results in 10x guarantees for you as a client of Aista, since you only have to deal with Aista, and not directly with the outsourcing company itself, providing legal guarantees for you. Beside, we all also happen to speak perfect English ... ;)

A truly unique value proposition

Most outsourcing companies pride themselves in being updated about the latest tech stacks and platforms. At Aista we've got access to technology and platforms most software developers haven't even heard about, and won't hear about for the next 5 months. One example being Hyperlambda allowing the machine to create most of the code. To illustrate this, realise that when our founder wrote this article for Microsoft, it was so revolutionary that it became the 5th most read article throughout the history of Microsoft's existence.

While others struggle with keeping up with the past, we're creating the future

Or to say things differently ...

You get amazing and superior technology, inexpensive low cost software developers, managed by super senior team leads, simply impossible to match, from within an EU entity providing legal guarantees for you!

Contact us if you want to hear more. We exclusively work with certified Hyperlambda and Aista developers, becoming your guarantee of quality in the end product. Below is a one page flyer if you need something to bring into a meeting.

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