Outsource your next project to The Machine

Need software? We've got you! We're the best of the best of the best, and we've got unique technology, allowing us to deliver 10x on EVERYTHING!

Outsource your next project to The Machine

We could charge you $300,000 per hour, and we'd still be less expensive than the average outsourcing company charging you $15 per hour. The reason is easy to understand; We have created a software development platform that can deliver in 5 minutes what the average human being would need 9 months to deliver. A couple of days ago our CEO visited PwC in Nicosia to discuss strategies and synergies. I will let the presentation speak for itself.

Where the Machine Creates the Code

For the record, we don't charge $300,000 per hour. However, we are in the upper top 1% if you only look at our hourly rate. Our hourly rate should not be your concern though. What should be your concern, is the total cost of ownership, and what you get in return. And what we can can deliver is as follows.

  • 10x quality
  • 10x faster time2market
  • 10x more secure and scalable solutions
  • 10% total cost of ownership

It's really quite easily understood; We have created a software development platform where the machine does most of the job, 100% automatically. At this point it doesn't matter if you're the best and fastest software developer on the planet. Next to "the machine", watching you create software is like watching paint dry, or grass grow. We're done before you can even find your keyboard!

The best of the best of the best

In addition, Aista also have some of the most experienced and talented software developers on the planet. Our "junior developer" has 22 years of professional software development experience. When we have standup meetings, and our 4 team leads are present, we've got more than 100 years of professional experience combined.

The best software development team on the planet

The best software development team on the planet!

Our CEO and founder started coding when he was 8 years old. He is 48 years today. Our CEO's philosophy about recruiting is that he never hire people unless they are smarter than him - Which for obvious reasons is challenging sometimes, since he is the largest contributor to GitHub in Cyprus among 2 million people, by a margin of 70% more commits than the person that's number 2 on the same list.

In fact, we're so skilled and experienced, that every single line of code we are creating in Aista, is instantly stored in the Arctic Code Vault in Svalbard, to be preserved for future generations, in case of nuclear holocaust, or an asteroid impact destroying life as we know it on planet Earth.

Arctic code vault on Svalbard

Our code backup storage, capable of surviving an asteroid impact, destroying life on Earth as you know it

However, our primary edge is that we have created a software development platform that on neutral metrics can sometimes deliver 234 million time faster than a human being.

Cloud hosting

In addition we're able to host your solutions, in our internally developed cloud solution, with replicated storage, redundancy on top of redundancy, and an infrastructure that's the envy of Google. Our CDN system makes your solutions blistering fast, regardless of where on Earth it's being accessed from, and anything but a direct hit by an intercontinental ballistic nuclear rocket, will ensure you never have data loss. The price for this? 49 EUROs per month. You can't even register an account with AWS, Google, or Microsoft Azure without paying a minimum of $200 per month. On average, we're able to deliver twice the quality of your average cloud hosting provider, for 20% of the cost.

What was your last cloud bill?

Do me a favour please. Find the last bill that AWS or Azure sent you. How much is it? $2,000? $4,000? $10,000? We could probably host the equivalent for $300 per month. We take your project from a to z, designing your project, implementing it, and hosting it for you. And your total cost of ownership will probably be less than 10% of what you'd have to pay with anybody else on the planet, regardless of how inexpensive on an hourly basis they are.

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