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Aista Magic Cloud - Create an API with SQL from your phone

At my last “day job” we spent roughly €20,000 per month on servers. In the job I had before that, we spent €8,000 simply on CosmosDB.

Aista Magic Cloud - Wrap your database in a CRUD app in seconds

Greased Lightning!!

Yet another “miracle release” from Aista. This time the focus was weeding out the remaining UI issues ...

An introduction to Hyperlambda

The purpose of Hyperlambda is to have a programming language that allows your computer to generate most of your code.

Hyperlambda from Hyper IDE

Hyper IDE, a Web based IDE

Accessing your IDE over the web has huge advantages, such as for instance being able to edit your code from ...

Magic contains everything you need to create a registration form. Below is a screenshot of Magic’s internal registration form.

The Magic setup process

When you first start Magic you will have to configure it. Before I guide you through this process though ...