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Creating a LowCode CRM factory

LowCode CRM factory

A LowCode CRM factory is a company capable of delivering custom CRM systems, faster and less expensive than everybody else.

What is CRUD?

What is pure CRUD?

CRUD is an acronym and it implies Create, Read, Update and Delete. If you master pure CRUD you're a master software developer.

What is LowCode and NoCode

What is LowCode and NoCode?

LowCode and NoCode is one of the hottest words in the industry today. In this article I will help you understand what the terms means.

Aista interns

Thank you to our Aista interns

This summer Aista took 6 Indian students unto her as interns. Since you all did great, I want to give credit where credits are due.

What is LowCode and NoCode

In this article I will reveal the top 5 Low-Code and No-Code tools we're using ourselves, to help you navigate this jungle of tools.