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To Low-Code or No-Code

To Low-Code or No-Code

Should you choose Low-Code or No-Code? The answer is not as straight forward as you think. However, as usual Winnie the Pooh to the rescue


To SQL or NoSQL?

As the CEO it's tempting to allow others to make technological decisions. However, SQL or NoSQL is NOT a technical decision. It's a question of existence versus non-existence.

A Low-Code case study

A Low-Code Case Study

We created a custom internal administration app as a low-code case study to figure out how much money you can save using low-code

Getting started with Low-Code

Getting started with low-code might seem like an impossible task, since your existing software developers might feel alienated. We have the solution for you.

Low-Code strategical advantages

Do you think low-code is a fad? If you're right is irrelevant. To understand why you need to think about low-code from a strategical point of view.