Put the Jesus version of ChatGPT on your website

One of the new features we released tonight, was the ability to create 'flavoured chatbots with personas'. In this article, I explain how.

Put the Jesus version of ChatGPT on your website

Tonight we released a new version of our ChatGPT website chatbot, and one of the features we added in this release, was the ability to give your chatbot a "persona". This can be any persona you wish, such as a marketing expert, Shakespeare, The Buddha or Jesus for that matter.

This allows the chatbot to answer everything you provide to it as if it was the persona you chose. This is actually quite useful, ignoring my little "Jesus clickbait" thing, since it allows you to create chatbots with a "persona" such as.

  • "Translate the following text to Ukrainian", building bots who's purpose it is to translate things, hooking these up with whatever else you've got, such as your CRM systems, etc
  • "You are an expert in SEO, answer the following", creating a chatbot that exclusively gives your users SEO advice
  • "Answer me poetically as if you were Shakespeare to the following", creating a thing that turns all its answers into Shakespeare poems
  • In addition to of course the funny little detail that you can literally turn the thing into our all forgiving Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ in person

If you want to play with the thing, you can head over to AISTA, and signup for a 30 days free trial cloudlet, and go to the machine learning component. However, please be advised that you cannot chose any other theme except the default. Unfortunately, this is a bug that we didn't manage to weed out during QA testing. Hopefully, we'll figure this out within a week or so. You can manually change the skin, by adding a QUERY parameter to your bot JavaScript inclusion file with the name of "css" and the value of "nuomorphism" if you know some HTML.

You can also create your own theme. If you do, please keep your theme(s) in the "/etc/system/openai/css/" folder. If this folder doesn't exist, create it, and as you include your CSS file, use only the name of the file, not the extension, and add this as a QUERY parameter with the name of css in your JavaScript inclusion HTML.

Notice, I want to emphasise that I do not mean to blaspheme in any ways, I've got a lot of respect for Jesus. However, it was such an obvious thing to do once I implemented personas on the bot, that I simply couldn't resist. Besides, I honestly think this thing could be an addition to Christian Churches and Schools providing them with a slightly "more forgiving chatbot" than most others would probably choose. Besides, it seems to end every answer with "Remember to pray, and that I'm always with you", which I don't think is blasphemy to be honest with you.

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