KISS is my favourite word in the world. It translates into Keep It Stupid Simple


“If it’s not simple, there’s something wrong with it!”

KISS is my favourite word in the world. It translates into “Keep It Stupid Simple”. This of course implies that it’s easy to understand, and doesn’t require a lot of explaning, before easily understood by somebody with zero knowledge of the subject at hand from before. Over the last couple of weeks we have gone through the documentation for Magic and Hyperlambda, and just for kicks, we made sure you could print it into a PDF if you prefer such mediums. Try it out if you want to. Click CTRL+P now, and see how it ends up looking like.

Of course, this is just a “bonus”, and probably won’t be useful to many, but it allowed us to easily “measure” the complexity of Hyperlambda, by simply clicking CTRL+P on every single page accompanied with its documentation, add these up, and find its “total cognitive complexity”, and the numbers we found are as follows.

  • There are 82 pages of tutorials style of documentation
  • There are 129 pages of reference documentation

Of course, when printing a webpage, a lot of additional margins and such is applied, so you can probably remove 20% of the above figures, at which point you’d end up with 185 pages. In addition, this is the complete reference documentation for Magic and Hyperlambda, describing every single moving part of the project, both in tutorial style articles, and in the form of reference documentation. My guess would be you could probably read through a third of that before understanding everything required for you to actually be productive with the thing.

This implies that unless you’re Kim Peek and can read two pages every 5 seconds, you could probably read through 60 pages of documentation in probably 180 minutes, possibly less if you concentrated at the task. At which point you’d know a completely new programming language. Compare that with the 1,500 pages or so in a programming language such as C++ or C#, at which point it’s fairly easy to understand that Magic and Hyperlambda is much simpler and more easily understood.

Magic and Hyperlambda is the very DEFINITION of KISS!

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