Thank you to our Aista interns

This summer Aista took 6 Indian students unto her as interns. Since you all did great, I want to give credit where credits are due.

Thank you to our Aista interns

This summer we've had 6 student Aista interns working in groups on two different projects. The projects was a cantina project and a questionnaire project. The students were divided into two groups, creating one project each. The idea was to use Aista Magic Cloud as the backend, and any frontend technology they wanted for the rest. Although the students had to juggle school in addition to their jobs at Aista, they still showed dedication and a willingness to work hard on their projects. I would therefor like to spend some time to mention all students to give credits where credits are due.

Although we were super busy with the release of our services, and there were 6 of you and only 1 of me, and you had to juggle school, implying it was extremely difficult for us to actually follow up on your projects - You all did great and delivered beyond what anybody would expect from students at your level. You all surprised with with your dedication, willingness to work hard, and abilities to constructively solve the tasks at hand. You are all great aspiring software developers, and India should consider herself lucky to have youngsters like you amidst her ranks. Thank you all. Above is a photo of both groups doing some project planning on the lawn together working on their projects.

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