The best marketing is a happy customer

Oleksandr believes you don't need to 'market' your company if you always make sure you have a happy customer.

The best marketing is a happy customer

"The best marketing is a happy customer" - These are the words of Oleksandr, the CEO of 4K-Soft. 4K-Soft has just entered into Aista's partnership program, and you can find their page here. Today we launched our partnership program. Our partnership program is founded upon that we want to focus on what we should be focusing on, which is building amazing LowCode CRUD generators, and software automation systems. And today we want to tell you about 4K-Soft one of our amazing Kyiv / Ukraine based partners. Above is Oleksandr, their CEO.

If you need an amazing outsourcing company in a low cost countr (Ukraine) to deliver superior quality, we recommend Oleksandr hands down! 4K-Soft is a certified Hyperlambda company, allowing them to deliver 10x as fast as others - In addition to that they've got some extreme skills in iOS and Android development. Oleksandr believes you don't need to "market" your company if you always make sure you have happy customers. Below is a direct quote from Oleksandr.

The best marketing you can apply is to ensure your customers is always happy. If you've got happy customers, they will refer you to your next job, and you don't have to spend money on marketing, but can focus exclusively on delivering outstanding results


4K-Soft creates Mobile apps, Websites and custom software solutions. They help you to create awesome mobile experience for your users with the help of latest technologies. Oleksandr founded 4K-Soft some 5 years ago. Today he's got 30+ developers in Kyiv, and hundreds of happy customers all over the planet. Contact Oleksandr here.

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