The first Human Being Hired by the AI

Will AI destroy your job? I don't know, but at least in AISTA it is CREATING jobs! Meet the first human being HIRED by the AI!

The first Human Being Hired by the AI

3 days ago, me and Khalid were squeezing our heads for how to find key people for key positions at AISTA. Khaled said we needed a Head of Marketing person. I agreed so Khaled went to ChatGPT and asked it to create a LinkedIn post for a Head of Marketing position.We posted the ad to LinkedIn, paid for 72 hours of promotion, and had some amazing people apply. 37 candidates, all brilliant in their own ways, but we decided on one candidate in the end, and gave him an offer today.

I can't disclose yet who it is, but if you didn't get an offer, it's not you. I am sorry, you were all brilliant in different ways, but we decided on a different candidate.

Today I needed an employment contract for our new Head of Marketing guy, so I asked a brilliant HR friend of mine what she would need to do create a template for us. €100 was her answer. She was busy with other things, but promised me she'd get back to me tonight. After waiting for 5 hours, I became restless, wanting to send our Head of Marketing guy an offer, so I realised I could simply create it myself, using ChatGPT. So I went to ChatGPT and asked it to create an employment contract for us. 3 seconds later, and I've got an employment contract, perfectly adjusted for Cypriot law and regulations.

For the record, my HR friend would probably create a better contract, but for us time is everything. 3 seconds to get "second best" is infinitely better than 5 hours to "get the best". We're in an explosive market, and every second counts. We're growing by thousands of percent on a weekly basis, and I needed my Head of Marketing guy YESTERDAY!

Paradoxically I suspect, this makes our Head of Marketing guy the first human being in the world literally hired by the AI. He was head hunted by the AI, he was tested by the AI, the job ad was created by the AI, and now he's got an employment contract created by the AI. If I could now only figure out how to replace myself with the AI, maybe I could finally get that vacation my wife has been dreaming about for 10+ years ...

It might be AI in the long run will destroy jobs - I don't know to be honest with you. But at least in AISTA we can now confidently claim that AI has created at least one job. Not only did it create the job, but it in fact hired the person 100% autonomously!

Welcome to our new Head of Marketing guy. If he signs the contract, I'll let you know who he is tomorrow. But yes, to make a long store short, we hired our Head of Marketing guy literally exclusively using AI tech. I think that is a cause for celebration!

So to the question; "Will AI destroy jobs? I don't know, but at least in AISTA it is creating jobs!"

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