The support assistant that understands 250+ languages

Imagine a support assistant that works 24/7, only asks for 200 bucks per month, speaks 250+ language, and knows more about your products than you!

The support assistant that understands 250+ languages

What if I told you we could find a support assistant for you, willing to work for €49 per month, working 24/7, 365 days per year, and that he knows more about your business than you do, and he has an IQ of 147 and speaks 250 languages? Meet Frank!

We just released a new version of our flagship product, being our ChatGPT based chatbot technology. It's easy to embed on your website, and works 24/7. Once Frank has been trained on your website, Frank will do everything he can to help you sell your services. However, more importantly, we've now fixed an issue related to non-English languages resulting in that Frank will just as easily answer in Swahili or Greek, as he'll answer in English.

If you tried our tech with non-English languages previously, and you failed, I suggest you try again. Frank should 100% correctly understand most languages on Earth, and be able to answer in whatever language is expected by the client asking him questions. It's still stronger in English than other languages, but we've tried it ourselves also on obscure and tiny languages, such as Norwegian, only having some few million users on Earth - And it still works perfectly. We are working non-stop on improving our technology. If you tried it some few weeks ago and met a wall, you should probably try it again. Typically we create multiple releases every single week, improving on some aspect of our product(s).

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