Top 5 Low-Code and No-Code tools

In this article I will reveal the top 5 Low-Code and No-Code tools we're using ourselves, to help you navigate this jungle of tools.

Top 5 Low-Code and No-Code tools

Aista is a Low-Code and No-Code software service provider. Since we're obviously quite skilled in this segment, it's only natural that others asks us what Low-Code and No-Code tools we're using ourselves. In this article I will reveal the top 5 Low-Code and No-Code tools we're using ourselves, to help you navigate this jungle of tools, hopefully helping you to choose the right tools for yourself.

WordPress and Elementor

WordPress is a bit dated admittedly. However, combined with Elementor it makes our life much easier. WordPress and Elementor allows us to graphically build our UI, allowing non-technical employees to modify our website. This has huge advantages for us, since it allows marketing employees, and other non-technical staff to administrate our website without help from developers. As a company you always have to carefully look at how you manage your resources. With Elementor and WordPress we free up a lot of time for our devs, such that they can focus on the hard parts. We are using WordPress and Elementor every single day at Aista.

Elementor is a Low-Code and No-Code tool helping you build websites


With Figma we can rapidly create designs for our own software. In fact, our hub was entirely designed using Figma. This makes it easy for us to anticipate future problems, since we can "see" the app before we start coding. Figma allows you to design wire frames of your app, in a visual interface. This allows non-technical staff to visually design your app, without help from software developers at all. Figma is simply an amazing tool, and significantly simplifies our jobs at Aista.

Figma allows you to design your Low-Code and No-Code apps easy without coding


Canva is such a cute story. It was started by Melanie Perkins in 2013, and grew to 750,000 users within a year. Today of course Melanie is a billionaire, but when she started Canva she was arguably just a child with a dream, and the passion to go through with it. Canva is basically "Photo Shop for Dummies", and allows you to do things you'd previously need professional designers and computer graphics animators to do. We use Canva for a lot of our internal graphics in Aista, and we love the thing!

Canva allows you to visually create graphics without coding

Aista of course

This might be hard to believe, but our entire infrastructure is entirely built with our own tools. When you register for a free CRUD cloudlet here, there's not a single line of code being executed that is not Hyperlambda built on top of Magic Cloud. In fact, as we started Aista, we tried initially with GoLang, and later Rust, but after 4.5 months of having nothing to show for, we stopped all of these efforts, and delivered our own tooling stack on Hyperlambda. Even though we were 4.5 months late at this time, we were still able to deliver on time, on budget, due to the extreme time2market cost savings our own tools were able to provide us with.

Aista, your favourite Low-Code and No-Code tool

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