Aista – Magic Cloud – Generate a CRUD app in seconds


Use ChatGPT to “talk” to your website

Ever wanted to use ChatGPT to have a “conversation with your website”. No problem. Point Magic at your site, an hour later you have a support bot based upon OpenAI and ChatGPT

We’ve just released a new version of Aista Magic Cloud. The primary feature in this release, is that it allows you to copy and paste a JavaScript tag into your existing website, for then to “have an intelligent conversation with your website based upon ChatGPT and AI”.

Notice, you need to fine-tune your own model, but this is automatically done for you by simply pointing Magic to your existing website, at which point it will automagically crawl your website, and scrape it for data, generating a custom machine learning AI model in the process, capable of answering intelligent questions about your site.

The above website has roughly 70 pages, and after scraping our site, we’re able to get an accuracy of roughly 50% in answers. However, importantly, the module logs all questions/answers, and allows you to reinforce it as you’ve gathered more training data, to strengthen its result. My guess is that over a month or two, the above bot will be able to provide an accuracy of 95+ percent, simply due to people asking it questions, and me “correcting” its answers, and re-training it on my corrections a handful of times. You can see me demonstrating the thing in the video below.