Using ChatGPT for Customer Support

Our ChatGPT based support systems can do the work of hundreds of employees. Here's how.

Using ChatGPT for Customer Support

Since we launched our ChatGPT based website chatbot it's been a zoo. Obviously we struck a nerve here, since we're being contacted every single day by clients in need of their own custom ChatGPT based chatbot. We obviously appreciate the attention, and we're grateful for the trust our clients puts in us. Not only are they giving us their trust, but they're also giving us a lot of really great ideas. One of these are summed up in the header of this article; Using ChatGPT for Customer Support.

AI based customer support

One of our clients are managing the IT infrastructure for 100+ companies. One of their value add-ons is customer support. They've got a handful of employees working with support for their clients. The way it works, is that these employees have 100 Excel spreadsheets with the most common questions and answers. One spread sheet for each client. When a customer of their client asks a question, the chatbot employee will look at his spreadsheet and try to formulate an answer to the question. Our client have a handful of full time employees doing only this, all day long.

This is extremely manual work, and I can only imagine how boring it must be. In addition to being boring and repetetive it also ties up resources for our client that our client could have spent better. We're currently setting up ChatGPT based chatbots for our client's customers. Once we're done, our client will have a handful of people they can redirect to other more interesting tasks. Win, win, win!

ChatGPT and the AI revolution

Needless to say, but 2023 will be the year artificial intelligence changed everything. It will change the way we work, it will change the way we communicate, and I believe it will create a better world. A world with less "monkey work", and more interesting work. It will optimise the way we work, and result in lubricating the economy and our daily lives.

Aista is at the forefront of this change. In fact, Aista is an acronym and it implies; "Artificial Intelligence Software Technology Assistance". This sentence sums up what we're doing. Assisting you with embracing the AI revolution is our name!

If you need help to embrace AI, we would love to talk to you. If you need a Customer Support chatbot based upon AI and Machine Learning, we've got you. The way it works, is that we crawl your existing website, scraping it for data, and use this data as training material for your own custom machine learning model. This model will be able to answer questions your clients have, more or less 98% exactly as you want it to answer questions.

Customer support? Sorry, we're using AI, Aista and ChatGPT

We're experiencing an insane amount of push towards our services these days. And we are struggling to keep up with all the requests we're getting. However, no client is too small, and no client is too big. And we answer everybody, even though the answer sometimes unfortunately is "no" because we need to prioritise our tasks. However, if you need an AI based customer support chatbot, this is something we can deliver to you within a week.

If you want to book a meeting with us to see what we can do for your business to help you leverage artificial intelligence, please contact us, and let's get the conversation started. We have some few remaining open spots in our calendar, and we'd love to hear you out, and see how we can solve your problem. Our product is primarily used for AI customer support by most of our clients, but if you've got different use cases we'd love to hear you out.

Automating customer support using ChatGPT and our systems is simply too large of an advantage to ignore. To understand why, realise that the following is a question and an answer provided through our systems.

How to put ChatGPT on your website

It's difficult to argue when ChatGPT have given you the answer to your question. And yes, for the record; The following image was obviously generated by DALL-E 2. DALL-E is an AI based image generator allowing you to create amazing art by simply providing it with a text based instruction of what you need. Some 20 seconds later, DALL-E will have created an image for you. I don't think I'd be able to create something better myself even with a gun to my head. My question to DALL-E was; "Create a 3D render happy robot speaking on the phone". Obviously my intention was to have it illustrate how our AI systems can help you answer support requests.

ChatGPT AI based Customer Support

AI is here to stay. You can fight it or embrace it. If you fight it you'll loose - If you embrace it you'll win, end of debate. If you want to win, please contact us such that we can give you the head start you deserve. Customer support chatbots are only one of the things you can use our systems for.

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