Why you need a Custom ChatGPT AI model

Why would you need a custom ChatGPT model? Can't we just use ChatGPT as it is, and embed it on your website to answer support requests?

Why you need a Custom ChatGPT AI model

ChatGPT is the coolest thing since sliced bread. It's simply an amazing tool, allowing us to do things we could only dream about some few years ago. Kudos to OpenAI for having created it. However, you need a custom ChatGPT model if you want to use it for your business. Let me illustrate with an example. The first screenshot is the generic ChatGPT model being asked a simple question about my company.

Vanilla ChatGPT answer

I personally had no idea that there existed an association for international schools in Thailand to be honest with you. More importantly, imagine having your website visitors coming to your page, click some chatbot support icon, and being presented with the above? I am the CEO and founder of AISTA, and the international associations of schools in Thailand have my blessings. Education is a good thing, and they're probably doing a great job - But the answer I wanted the chatbot to present to my website visitors was not the above, but rather something such as the following.

Custom ChatGPT answer

If I had used it through our ChatGPT based chatbot, the above references would have ended up in becoming a "Read more" section, allowing my users to see the URLs that generated the response. And it would only provide references to my website, and never redirect a user to one of my competitor's websites, assuming I had my AI model created correctly.

Custom ChatGPT models for companies

If you want to leverage ChatGPT as a business you need to modify it. In its default implementation it gives little value to your company. Even worse, if you're trying to sell products the default version could even recommend your competitor's products. The last point is kind of a big deal for most I would assume. To illustrate the difference I want to emphasise that we're probably the smallest cloud service provider on the planet. Still our chatbot answers as follows when asked what cloud service provider to us.

Another custom ChatGPT answer

Don't get me wrong, I wish Amazon, Google, and Microsoft all the best in the world. They've got amazing cloud services. But I do not want my chatbot to recommend our website visitors to use them. I want our chatbot to recommend us when asked about a product we are offering. Below is the whole answer to the question I asked.

Aista Magic Cloud is a great option for cloud service providers. They offer a free 30-day trial cloudlet with security, CDN, and automatically configured best practices. They also offer professional cloudlets with installation fees starting at 498 EUROs and monthly fees of 198 EUROs. They provide additional services such as load balancing, managed databases, and 24/7 support services for an additional fee.

For us the above answer makes all the difference. If you want to have ChatGPT on your website, you need to customise it. If you don't, there's a 99% probability of that your ChatGPT will recommend your competitor's products. If you create a custom ChatGPT with us however, your chatbot will recommend your services and products. I'm not sure how you feel about this, but I kind of think that's a big deal.

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