Will ChatGPT kill blogging?

I asked ChatGPT to write an essay for me about my own programming language. Here's what it wrote.

Will ChatGPT kill blogging?

Apparently ChatGPT is the hottest thing in the 21st Century, having grown faster than Facebook, Google, and Twitter combined since the release of version 3.5 a week ago. I therefor wanted to put it to the test, and ask it to write me an essay, with the idea being to examine if it can in its entirety replace creative writing done by human beings. I asked it a simple question, that was as follows.

Can you write a small essay about Hyperlambda, meta programming and declarative programming?

Below you can see what it produced for me. The next section was 100% automatically produced by ChatGPT, and I didn't edit as much as a single comma in the text.

Begin ChatGPT generated content

Hyperlambda is a programming language that is based on the concept of meta programming and declarative programming.

Meta programming is a programming paradigm in which a program has the ability to manipulate itself or other programs at runtime. This allows the program to modify its own structure and behavior, making it a powerful tool for creating highly flexible and adaptable software.

Declarative programming, on the other hand, is a programming paradigm in which the focus is on describing the desired result rather than specifying the steps to achieve it. This allows for more concise and expressive code, as the programmer only needs to describe what the program should do, rather than how it should do it.

Hyperlambda combines these two paradigms, allowing for the creation of programs that can manipulate themselves and other programs at runtime, using a declarative style of programming. This allows for the creation of highly dynamic and adaptable software, without the need for complex and convoluted code.

In summary, Hyperlambda is a powerful programming language that combines the flexibility of meta programming with the conciseness and expressiveness of declarative programming, enabling the creation of highly dynamic and adaptable software.

End ChatGPT generated content

The above text is something you'd typically have to pay a creative writer easily $100 for producing for you. I should know, I have written content like the above for others many times, and sometimes I've been paid $500 for my services. It's impossible to see the difference between the above text and something produced by a human being. The text features creativity, truth, captivating paragraphs, and interesting points, etc. ChatGPT can combine mental constructs, creating its own conclusions, resulting in text that is highly interesting and compelling to read.

In fact, the first time I tried ChatGPT I asked it to describe Hyperlambda to me, and it arguably did a better job than me, which is a highly impressive feat, considering I invented Hyperlambda ...

Interestingly for me, for personal reasons, is that ChatGPT also seems to admire Hyperlambda. I didn't ask it to tell me that Hyperlambda is powerful, and I didn't ask it to speak about its usefulness in any ways. I asked a neutral sentence to it, requesting an essay about Hyperlambda. The parts where it speaks about its usefulness and powerful constructs, are literally creative additions entirely done by ChatGPT itself.

If you want to see why ChatGPT loves Hyperlambda, you can check out the Hyperlambda explanation as created by me. Admittedly, it's no way near as good an explanation as ChatGPT's explanation, but at least I try ...

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