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Create a Low-Code CRUD API in seconds

80% of your code is typically CRUD boilerplate code for a lot of applications. With Magic you can create these parts effortlessly. Point Magic to your database, click a button, and watch your CRUD API grow out of thin air.


A CRUD API Magic Wand

Our Low-Code CRUD API generator supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and SQLite. Have an existing database you need a Web API for? Don’t spend endless nights debugging complex PHP, Python, or C# code. Click the button and have Magic do the job, while you focus on your domain problem.


Magic does 80% of your job

Most CRUD API endpoints you’re creating probably contains a lot of duplicated code. This implies endless copy and paste operations, for then to manually apply one or two modifications. Afterwards you have to spend hours debugging simple errors, before things works as you need. With Magic you don’t need to do this, and you can create software while sleeping, having Magic create your CRUD API automagically in 1 second.

Combined with our plugins this results in that Magic does 80% of your job for some projects, while you get to focus on the parts that are unique for your solution. Need a CRM? Use the CRUD API generator. Need access to your database from your phone? Create a CRUD API in seconds, and add a datagrid frontend in some few more seconds, and immediately access your database from your phone.

Aista Magic Cloud - Low-Code CRUD generator

The programming language that writes itself

How it works

Aista Magic Cloud - Configuring your CRUD API

Magic reads meta data from your database, for then to automatically generate a Low-Code CRUD API for you, where each individual endpoint is encapsulated in its own Hyperlambda file. Hyperlambda is async by default, implying it’s highly scalable and can handle huge amounts of throughputs, without choking or eating up your server resources to execute expensive code.

Hyperlambda is invented and created by Aista, and is an extremely high level Turing complete “execution configuration language”. This allows you to create your code almost the same way you create CI and CD pipelines. Hyperlambda is similar to YAML. If you already know YAML, you can easily pick up Hyperlambda in a couple of hours.

By combining the CRUD API generator with our Low-Code SQL API generator, you can create almost any amount of complexity without any knowledge about backend programming languages.


Got database, need app?

Got some old legacy app that’s not working from your phone? With Magic you can easily wrap your database in a CRUD app, and access your data from any device, in a couple of minutes. Generate your CRUD API in some few seconds, then create a Low-Code datagrid CRUD app wrapping your CRUD API. 5 minutes after you started the process, you’re already done and can access your database from your iPhone, Android, tablet or computer.
Create a CRUD datagrid in seconds using Aista Magic Cloud
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Beyond CRUD

Magic brings you beyond CRUD. If you need to store images in your database, this is as simple as clicking a button. Do you need file uploads? Click the button.

We have done all the complex work for you, such that you can focus on your job. Date fields are automagically displayed as date and time pickers. Boolean fields transforms into checkboxes. Image and file fields are automagically created for you. Hyperlinks are automagically transformed into clickable links,  etc. We will even turn foreign keys into autocomplete widgets, automagically referencing text fields in your linked table. See the datagrid CRUD generator for more details.

Create a Low-Code CRUD API in seconds

Create a cloudlet and start generating Low-Code CRUD APIs within seconds