Your CRUD Datagrid Genie

Magic's low-code datagrid generator allows you to generate CRUD datagrids by clicking a button. The resulting code is perfectly assembled Angular code, following all lint standards, allowing you to modify it as you see fit once Magic is done.

Where the machine creates your code

Instant Low-Code CRUD datagrids

A typical CRUD app based upon 50+ database tables requires endless nights of coding. Magic never overlooks anything, never becomes tired, and never creates bugs for you. For CRUD heavy apps this implies that Magic automatically creates tens of thousands of lines of code for you in an instant, saving you months of development in the process.

CRUD Datagrid Features

A CRUD Datagrid Genie in a Bottle

The CRUD datagrid components Magic creates for your are all based upon Angular Material tables, and supports filtering, sorting, and paging - In addition to create, read, update, and delete operations. Magic automatically takes care of left joins for you, such that link tables or foreign keys in one table automatically creates an autocomplete lookup component for you.

Magic also creates an Angular HTTP service layer for you automatically, allowing you to access your automatically generated CRUD backend with a syntax resembling an O/RM. In addition Magic takes care of single sign on, and secures your database with all security best practices from our industry. The Sakila app was created in 1 second. Try it out here (admin/admin) if you wish.

Generate a CRUD datagrid in seconds

Have a Datagrid your way

What is your wish?

Configuring your CRUD Datagrid

The datagrid generator is built upon templates, allowing you to create your own, or start out with one of the existing templates and modify to your needs. Don't like the looks of our template? Create your own, or generate only the HTTP service layer for that matter, for then to manually create your own GUI as you see fit. Our templates can also be parametrised to override which modules and components you want to generate your frontend around, and what colors you want to use.

The generated frontend follows all lint standards, and the result is easily modified Angular code, allowing you to use it as a "starter kit" for your own frontend efforts. Think about it like "ng new on steroids" - Except where "ng new" stops, Magic continues adding tens of thousands of additional lines of code to your project.

Our CRUD Datagrid generator is built upon unique technology, that saves you months of development, without compromising scalability, code quality, or other things you take for granted.