ChatGPT for Customer Service

Use ChatGPT for Customer Support
and decrease costs 1,000x while increasing quality 10x

Using AI and Machine Learning for Support and A&A

ChatGPT-based Customer Service

A ChatGPT-based website chatbot that can answer Q&A automatically

10x Quality

Scrape your website and have our ChatGPT-based chatbot answer questions from your existing content. The quality improvement of such a chatbot is easily 10x compared to your existing technology. A human being simply cannot compete with a machine that knows everything about your products and services.

Cost Savings

Hiring human beings to answer customer support 24/7 is really expensive. Hiring the Machine and the AI to do the same job, will cost you 1% compared to humans. Our ChatGPT-based chatbots can be used for documenting and supporting anything, with images and hyperlinks.

Q&A on Steroids

Our AI systems can answer any question it is given training data about, and it can answer it 100% perfect! This allows you to build Q&A systems that answers clients, being confident in that they'll always get the right answer. Upload files, import data from your database, or scrape your website.

How your ChatGPT-based chatbot looks like

Documenting your Company

Never Answer the Same Question Twice!

Our ChatGPT-based chatbot technology allows users to phrase questions using natural language. Users can ask questions in English, French, Spanish or German, and the chatbot will happily answer whatever question the user have. Our technology is based upon ChatGPT and just as powerful, with the exception being that it knows everything about your company.

Train your chatbot in 5 minutes by scraping your website, or uploading documents. Upload PDF documents, XML files, YAML files, CSV files or export data from your existing database, and have a custom ChatGPT-based website chatbot in 5 minutes. Try out our chatbot in the bottom/right corner of this page and ask it questions about our chatbot technology to understand the difference.

Custom ChatGPT chatbot

Put ChatGPT on your website and have it answer as you wish

Imagine if you could have ChatGPT answer questions exactly as you want it to answer questions? Well, we did it! We can modify its knowledge by crawling your website, uploading PDF documents, XML document, or manually adding "training snippets" to it. As users starts asking questions, you can even see questions and responses in a "history" tab.

This gives you complete control over what your chatbot says, and allows you to improve its accuracy over time, by editing its answers where it answered wrong. When you're ready to embed your chatbot on your website, this is easily done in 5 minutes, and works with WordPress, Joomla, Umbraco, Shopify, or any CMS you have.

Have ChatGPT answer questions the way you want it to answer questions
Having complete control over ChatGPT

Unique AI Technology

Bend ChatGPT to your will with our Unique Technology

Our ChatGPT technology is built on top of Magic Cloud. This gives you complete control over every single aspect of your chatbot. Magic gives you a dedicated SQL database, from where you can extract and analyse data as you wish, 100+ configuration options, and a historical log of everything your chatbot actually does.

AISTA is the only fully integrated AI platform giving you 100% perfect control over every single aspect of your chatbot; Themes, logging, website scraping, uploading of files, showing references, manually adding training material, choosing completion model, etc. Our ChatGPT-based chatbot is so much more than just a simple chatbot, it's a complete AI platform.

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