Aista – Magic Cloud – Generate a CRUD app in seconds

Create LowCode apps in 5 minutes

Save 80% of your time

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Visually design your database

And create a CRUD app wrapping it in 5 minutes.

Create a LowCode CRUD app with no coding

This app was created in 5 minutes

This application was created in 5 minutes without coding. The app supports CRUD operations, image uploads, authentication, authorisation, and everything you need for your own apps.

How it works?

Where the Machine Creates the Code

1. Create a Magic cloudlet

Register an account in hub and create a professional Magic backend cloudlet. Wait some few seconds while the cloudlet is being created. Open your cloudlet and login with the same username and password as you registered with.

Aista Magic Cloud - Wrap your database in a CRUD app in seconds
Aista Magic Cloud - Wrap your database in a CRUD app in seconds
2. CRUDify your database

Connect to an existing database, visually design a new database, or install a ready-to-use plugin database. Navigate to the CRUD generator, and CRUDify your database. You now have a complete CRUD API wrapping your database of choice.

3. Generate a frontend

Use the CRUD generator to generate an Angular frontend. When the process is done, go back to hub and deploy an Angular cloudlet. After some minutes you’ve got a full stack CRUD web app. Try an example app here. Login with admin/admin.

Aista Magic Cloud - Wrap your database in a CRUD app in seconds


Automating 80% of software development

Become Creative

When you no longer need to do repetitive copy and paste work, you can focus on the creative parts of your job.

Realise Yourself

When automation processes are doing 80% of your job, you have less stress and more freedom to realise yourself.

Reclaim Freedom

Leveraging LowCode constructs such as Magic Cloud, allows you to spend more time with your family and loved ones.

We pride ourselves in

450 +
Active users
99500 +
Hrs. of development saved
5 +
Ready to use plugins

LowCode CRUD app generator

Point Magic to your database, configure the generator, click a button, and have your CRUD apps automagically grow out of thin air.

wrap your database in a CRUD app


The CRUD API generator that creates a web API for you in seconds

Create your next web API with nothing but pure SQL
Frontend CRUD datagrids

Create a complete CRUD data grid frontend app by clicking a button

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Aista as your next software development platform

Magic is a complete LowCode cloud based software development platform and runtime, containing everything you need to create, deploy, and run your apps in production. Our customers enjoys having their apps served through a CDN, with DDOS protection, security, replicated storage (RAID10), and every single security best practice applied automagically out of the box.

Hyper IDE

Magic comes with Hyper IDE. Hyper IDE is a fully fledged web IDE, allowing you to work from anywhere. It contains syntax highlighting and autocomplete for your most frequently used programming languages.

SQL Studio

Magic contains a web based SQL Studio. It allows you to create and execute SQL from anywhere, in addition to visually designing your database. Save frequently used snippets for later, and access any database you have.

Datagrid generator

Magic’s LowCode datagrid generator allows you to generate CRUD datagrids by clicking a button. The resulting code is perfectly assembled Angular code, following all lint standards. You can modify the result as you see fit.

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