ChatGPT for Human Resources

Tired of reading through 1,000 CVs looking for a candidate?
Let our AI Expert Systems do it for you in seconds.

AI and Machine Learning for the Healthcare Industry

Optimise your Recruiting Process with AI

Use our AI Expert Systems as Cognitive Assistance to double your Performance and Triple your Quality

Find Candidates

Our AI systems allows you to search through thousands of CVs and find the most fit candidate for a vacant position. Provide it with keywords, click a button, and have it find 3 candidates for whatever job you're trying to fill.


Use our AI Expert Systems to create compelling arguments for your clients why a particular candidate is a good fit for a specific job description. The AI can read the candidate's CV and produce a perfect cover letter in seconds.

Cost Savings

Reading through thousands of CVs to find the bext candidate requires time. Time is your most precious resource, so stop wasting it. Our AI systems can find the best candidate in seconds, while you focus on other things.

A CRUD API Backend Generator

Cognitive Assistance for HR

The AI simply does a Better Job

Matching candidates withg job description is a lot of work. With our AI Expert Systems you can do this job in seconds. No more late nights reading CVs to find "the perfect candidate", let the AI read thousands of CVs and do the job for you.

When the AI have found the perfect candidate, it will create a compelling argument explaining why the candidate is a perfect fit. This saves you thousands of hours with manual labour. Think of it like ChatGPT on steroids, knowing everything about your particular problem, having access to all your data.

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