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Hyper IDE, a Low-Code Web IDE

Hyper IDE is a blistering fast Web based integrated development environment accessible from your phone. It also creates most of your code 100% automagically. Hyper IDE makes you a million times more productive.


Hyper & Hyper

Magic is about speed, speed, and speed. As you’re coding in Hyperlambda, you can save your changes, execute your code, and immediately see the result without having to leave your IDE. This gives you an unimaginable boost on productivity.

Unmatched productivity boost

The fusion of development, runtime, and production

Hyperlambda and Hyper IDE is not for all problems, but when you can use it you become a lot more productive – Some times as much as 1 million times. If your apps are based upon SQL databases, and your problem centered around CRUD, Hyper IDE and Hyperlambda instantly makes you more productive. Hyper IDE is hyper such that you can take it easy.

Most traditional programming languages requires 5 times as much code as Hyperlambda to solve a problem. The difference in runtime speed is almost neglectable, and for some languages such as Python, Hyperlambda is much faster and scalable. Hyper IDE also automatically creates unit tests for you.

Fast Web based integrated development environment
Fast Web based integrated development environment

Create your Low-Code apps from anywhere

Use your IDE from your phone

We’re quite proud of having the only IDE on the planet that is fully functioning from your phone as far as we know. This allows you to use your phone to edit code, in production if you wish, and instantly see the result of your modifications. No need to wait 45 minutes for your CI and CD pipeline to compile your project, create an artefact, and deploy. Save the file and it’s immediately in production.

A traditional DevOps environment simply cannot compete, regardless of how much you optimise your pipelines. Even if you’ve got pipelines running in 5 minutes, this is still 5 minutes, and during those 5 minutes your brain has most likely started wandering off to other problems. With Hyper IDE and Hyperlambda, your code is in DEV or PROD instantly as you save your file. You can test your backend API from the same environment you used to edit its code.
By combining Hyper IDE with our low-code CRUD API generator and our low-code SQL API generator, you can create some apps literally 1,000 times faster. Although Hyper IDE is best suited for Hyperlambda, you can still use it to edit Angular code, CSS, or HTML. Hyper IDE is 100% Open Source and can be easily deployed to your own VPS in a couple of minutes. It gives you access to your code from anywhere in the world, using any device you have.
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Fast Web based integrated development environment – Hyper IDE

Fast Web based integrated development environment

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