Hyperlambda is a graph based Declarative Meta Programming Language. This results in a development model where the Machine Creates most of Your Code

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Zero Human Intervention

Unimaginable cost savings

When the machine creates your code, and has the capacity to perfectly understand the underlying platform for creating code, the result is a software development process with zero human intervention. This is not some far fetched futuristic science fiction scenario, it's available in Hyperlambda and Magic Cloud as of today.

The Machine can sometimes deliver software 1 billion times faster than the human being. Time is money, and time saved is money saved. Don't waste your money on having human beings doing what the Machine does better. Hyperlambda allows you to replace your human software developers with automated software development processes while saving 99% of your software development costs.

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Hyperlambda allows the Machine to create Bug Free Code

Create Perfect Code

No More Bugs

Hyperlambda is a relational file format allowing you to declare tree structures. Tree structures can describe what we refer to as execution trees. Execution trees is what your CPU executes. One side effect of this, is that the computer can create, modify, and transform your code automatically.

When the Machine creates your code, it is not possible to create bugs. This might sound like a joke, but with Hyperlambda, you can have the computer create 100% perfect code. Most of the cost with software development is spent on fixing bugs. When you have no bugs, you save 99% of your costs.

Automatic Maintenance

Hyperlambda Automagically Maintains your Software

In Hyperlambda each execution object is referred to as a lambda object. A lambda object is a CDOM structure (Code Document Object Model). Hyperlambda creates lambda objects automatically for you, and can semantically understand and automatically traverse such lambda objects, allowing it to automatically maintain your code.

Hyperlambda allows you to create processes where the Machine automatically maintains your code. When the Machine maintains your code, you save most of your software development costs.

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100% perfect code

Meta programming

Just Say No to Bugs

Hyperlambda is a meta programming language. Meta programming implies that instead of creating the end resulting code, you create code that creates code automatically for you. This allows a single human being to handle codebases with trillions of lines of code.

Too many hours have been spent on copying and pasting code snippets from StackOverflow. If you think about it, it's really madness. Don't spend your time on solving the same problem twice. Solve it once, and have the Machine automagically apply your solution a million times.

Declarative Programming

Do More With Less

Hyperlambda is a declarative programming language, where the focus is to describe the desired result, instead of the steps required to produce the result. This allows for the creation of highly dynamic and adaptable software, without the need for complex and convoluted code.

Simply sending an email in a traditional programming language requires you to consider complex constructs such as sockets, the SMTP protocol, disposable objects, multi threading and async programming. In Hyperlambda it's a simple verb.

100% perfect code

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