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Machine Learning

Aista allows you to easily create your own Machine Learning models, answering questions the way you want it to answer, by wrapping OpenAI and ChatGPT with management tools, allowing you to create your own custom machine learning model

Create your own AI based chat bot

ChatGPT YOUR way

With Aista you can create AI models answering questions related to your company or business. Point Aista at your existing website, click a button, and create a custom Machine Learning training model in seconds. Need a support chatbot? Click the button and have Aista create your chat bot automagically

Turn your existing website into an AI chat bot

Custom AI expert systems

Most people don’t know this but ChatGPT is actually surprisingly dumb. To make it super intelligent, it needs to be trained for your particular domain. Once trained, its accuracy can easily increase 1,000 times. Training your own machine learning model often requires weeks and months of manual labour. Aista can scrape your website, or any other website for that matter, and generate an AI model for you in seconds.

Notice, you must QA test your model, and also “wash” your training data, and your results will vary according to the quality of your training data – However, we are available for you at Aista to help you with this if you need help.

Scrape your website to Machine Learning data

The bigger brain that builds itself automatically

Automated AI model generators

Create your own AI

ChatGPT was created by scraping large portions of the web. This makes it an extremely good “general AI system”, but actually surprisingly dumb on edge topics. With Aista you can train it on your material and topics, turning it from a general AI system, into a domain expert in whatever field you need an AI system for.

At Aista we help companies to create custom Machine Learning models, that instead of answering generically, gives you a unique “private AI based brain”, answering questions related to your domain.

Contact us if you want to hear more about our services here.

Put ChatGPT on your website in seconds

Your own ChatBOT

Including your own ChatGPT based chatbot on your website, takes one a couple of seconds, and requires no coding.

Use cases might be; Support, Lead generation, custom AI based expert systems, legal help, medical help, etc. Only your imagination sets the boundaries here. Try out our support chatbot here.

Use ChatGPT to talk to your website

Create your own private ChatGPT bot

Create a cloudlet and get started with AI in seconds. No coding required