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Outsource to the Machine

We are a super talented and experienced software development team, using Low-Code software development, allowing us to sometimes deliver 10x faster, for 10% of the price. Hire us for your next project.

Outsourcing DeLux Version

Our leadership group is 4 people, all of whom are software developers. Combined we have more than 100 years of software development experience. We can start your project, and / or deliver it through its entire life cycle.

When we start your project, we can sometimes deliver 10x faster, for 10% of the price, with 10x the quality. The reasons are simple to understand; We’ve got on average 25 years of experience, we’re all based in low cost countries, and we’re using intelligent machine algorithms, based upon meta programming, allowing the Machine to Create most of our Code!

The best software development team on the planet


Nobody beats the Machine!

We promise you superior quality, in an unbelievable timeframe, for an incredible price. No need to settle for less. Contact us today and let’s talk about your next project.

Robo CRM system

What we can do

  • CRM systems
  • Ordering systems
  • Internal admin apps
  • Legacy code rewrites

This CRM system was created in 5 days by one of our highly experienced software developers, with an average of 20+ years of experience. Imagine what we can do for you in a month? Let us be your software development department, and experience the sweet feeling of Hyper Productivity for a fraction of the average price! Read more about the CRM system here.

Why Aista?

Aista is not your average outsourcing company

At Aista even our CEO is a software developer. Our CEO, Thomas Hansen, started coding back in Norway when he was 8 years old, and he never stopped. Today he is 48 and have an international team of super skilled software developers helping him, on 3 different continents, in low cost countries, providing win on all parameters. We have knowledge and experience others can only dream about.

Aista Ltd., Thomas Hansen
Outsource to the Machine

The best of the best

With several software projects in the Arctic Code Vault, able to survive an asteroid impact, and being one of the 5 most read authors for Microsoft, rest assured of that our Norwegian CEO and project manager Thomas Hansen will fix your problems – Regardless of what problem you have.

  • Norwegian project management from EU/Cyprus speaking fluently English
  • Super skilled developers from low cost countries
  • Machine algorithms able to sometimes automatically create 80% of your software
  • The same cloud hosting infrastructure that Google runs on
  • No offence intended here, but we really do not have any competition!

Our value proposition

Delivering millions of times faster than humans

Sometimes we can deliver 234 million times faster than human software developers. However, in our experience, most software projects still needs manual labour. On average though, our software development automation systems creates 80% of your solutions, 100% automagically, without any human interference. Afterwards we apply the required manual changes, with our super experienced software development team, with an average of 25+ years of software development experience. Basically, you get the best of the best, using the best of tools available, delivering 10x faster, for a fraction of the cost – While we bring your project from idea to production 10x faster than everybody else.

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