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4K-Soft - Mobile and Web development

4K-Soft creates Mobile apps, Websites and custom software solutions. They help you to create awesome mobile experience for your users with the help of latest technologies.


Meet Oleksandr

Oleksandr had a dream about 5 years ago, together with his brother Misha, and that dream was to create superior software for an inexpensive price. Today he employs 30+ developers out of Kyiv in Ukraine, following up on his vision, and has established himself as a trustworthy partner. His customers keeps coming back to him, again and again, simply due to superior quality and services.

4K-Soft has delivered everything from IOS apps to bank guarantee software. Over the years they have delivered hundreds of projects in every imaginable niche, resulting in hundreds of happy customers. Oleksandr’s primary marketing strategy says it all; “The best marketing is a happy customer. He will refer you to your next customer. Keep your existing customer happy, and you will never have to ‘market’ your services.” If you want to become their next happy customer, you can find 4K-Soft here.
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Why 4K-Soft?

4K-Soft is Ukrainian software development company, specializing in Mobile apps and Web development. 4K-SOFT was created out of a desire to offer the market quality solutions for tracing their unique business challenges using information technology. At the same time, they wish to create an environment that would allow them to maintain their personal values based on reliability, efficient organization, quality and cooperation, in their professional life as well. And today they still stand behind this.

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