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CODERFY - Half the price, faster twice

Coderfy is a Ukrainian outsourcing company and certified as a licensed Hyperlambda shop. This implies that they’re able to deliver twice as fast as everybody else, for half the price, assuming the project is a fit.

Aista certified partner

Meet Denys Mykhailo

Business Developer, Sales and Project Manager, Marketer. He knows what clients care about, with more than ten years in business development and customer service solutions.
Denys can build a dream team and pull them into developing business and sales, giving the best service with effective marketing. He has worked in the business consulting sphere since 2010, with experience in naming, branding, SWOT, and formulating key ideas for brands and companies.

An adopted user of low-code & no-code tools for more than ten years: Canva, WordPress, Elementor, Diagrams. Marketing and business development specialist with a vast entrepreneurial background. More than 20+ startup projects with sites, web applications, CRMs, and launching products. “Victory loves preparation” and “There is always not enough time to finish the job right, but for redoing the job there is always a time” – my key orients in work. I am proud of my family crew, job, and run-swim-tennis stuff.
Coderfy, half the price, faster twice
Coderfy, a successful outsourcing company in Ukraine

Why Coderfy?​

Coderfy USP is the economy of time and costs in backend development projects and simple CRUD frontends. They focus on short-term contracts from 2 to 4 weeks, where they can show quick results and get feedback ASAP. They provide quick backend solutions, based upon the client’s ToRs (Terms of Reference). For more information about Coderfy, please download their catalogue here.

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