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SQL Studio for the Web

SQL Studio allows you to execute any SQL, persist snippets, and provides you with autocomplete and syntax highlighting. It also works from your phone, and allows you to visually design your database.


A complete SQL editor

Sql studio

The SQL editor gives you syntax highlighting, autocomplete, and everything you’re used to from SQL Server Enterprise Management Studio and MySQL Workbench – With the difference being that it’s accessible from anywhere, and that you’ve got the same UI for all database types.


Write your SQL from anywhere

Sql studio

SQL Studio works with SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. This allows you to use one UI for everything. You can also compose and execute your SQL from any device, allowing you to administrate your databases from your phone if you wish.

Magic also allows you to save frequently used SQL snippets, on the server, allowing you to build up your own SQL snippet collection over time, solving some recurring problem, having access to your snippets from wherever you might be in this world. Feel for traveling the world? Go for it, and do your job from your phone.

SQL Studio comes with a graphical and visual database designer, allowing you to create your databases without knowing any SQL.

Aista Magic Cloud - Write and execute your SQL from Anywhere with SQL Studio


Create a Web API with SQL

SQL Studio perfectly integrates with our Low-Code SQL API generator, allowing you to 100% automagically transform your SQL into an HTTP Web API by literally clicking a button. Got a frontend developer in need of KPI data? No problem, create some SQL, test it with SQL Studio, and transform it into a JSON Web API in seconds.

Combined with our Low-Code CRUD API generator, this gives you an unimaginable productivity boost, where you can solve problems previously requiring months of development in seconds, where solutions magically appear almost out of thin air, helping you in any ways you can imagine. With Magic it feels almost as if you’ve got your own personal Genie, waving its Magic Wand for you, whenever you need help.

Put some Magic into your phone by using SQL Studio, giving you the Magical freedom of being able to work from anywhere with anything, while leveraging low-code to become a million times more productive. Sign up to get started with SQL Studio.

Visually design your database using SQL Studio

Design your database

Use SQL Studio to visually design your database

SQL Studio allows you to visually design your database. No need to mess with complex SQL DDL syntax, just click a button to create new fields, keys, or tables.

Even if you have never created a database before, SQL Studio allows you to master it in minutes, through its graphical user interface, allowing you to design your database visually without any prior SQL knowledge.

Create apps in seconds

When you are done designing your database, you can use our CRUD API generator to automagically generate an API. Then you can automagically generate a Low-Code CRUD datagrid frontend in some few seconds.

Since our Low-Code CRUD generators reads meta data from your database, it is typically able to automagically generate your entire app using nothing but your database as its specification.

This allows you to design your database, click 2 buttons, and literally have the thing in production immediately, some 5 minutes after you started the project!

How SQL Studio extends your CRUD API and Datagrid

Visually design your database

Create a cloudlet and start using SQL Studio in seconds