Task Scheduler for background tasks

Use the Magic Task Scheduler to create Hyperlambda background tasks, executing repeatedly or on demand as your Business Process Workflow foundation

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Automating Hyperlambda

The Task Scheduler allows you to create Hyperlambda tasks that are executed as a part of your business process workflows, or scheduled to execute at some point in the future.

Create your repetition pattern, add some Hyperlambda, and have Magic do the job automatically whenever you need some task to be done.

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Magic creates tasks dynamically by using Hyperlambda. This allows you to create tasks during runtime, for then to later execute your tasks due to some “trigger” occurring elsewhere. This allows you to use Magic tasks as your business process workflow.

Magic persists tasks into your default database of choice, and you can store tasks in MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or SQLite. This implies that even if your server “drops” for some reasons, once restarted, no task will be lost, and the scheduler will automatically pick up where it left.

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