ChatGPT for Travel & Hospitality

Imagine having a 24/7 robot working non-stop to please your customers?
AISTA can deliver AI solutions for the Hospitality Business

AI and Machine Learning for the Hospitality Industry

Use AI to boost Customer Satisfaction

With our AI tools you can automate a large part of your Hospitality Business

Improved Guest Experience

Our Custom ChatGPT chatbot allows your customers to ask questions about which attractions they should visit according to their personal preferences, getting answers that makes them feel valuable.

Become a Destination

If your Hospitality Business can answer questions about your particular area, your website will become a goto destination for information, allowing you to market your Hospitality Business at the same time.

Cost Savings

By automating certain tasks, our chatbot can help reduce costs associated with staffing and administrative work, making your Hospitality Business more efficient and profitable.

A CRUD API Backend Generator

AISTA for Hospitality

100x Quality

Imagine a machine that is always polite, knows the answer to any question your guests might have, while always finishing the conversation with offering your guests a 3 meal course in your restaurant. This perfectly describes the capacity of our AI solutions for the Hospitality Industry.

Our AI based Hospitality Solutions are always working, 24/7, never grows tired, and costs the fraction of a human being. It can be trained especially on your data, either by scraping your website, other tourist attraction websites in your area, or by uploading specific training data. The result is a Machine that knows everything about any question your guests might possibly have.

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