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AI Expert Systems

The Bigger Brain

Making Your Company Smarter

Our AI Expert Systems allows you to increase the collective IQ of your organisation by leveraging AI as a "cognitive assistant". With our AI your employees instantly becomes smarter, more capable, and acquires skills previously impossible to imagine.

Think about it like upgrading your organisation's collective IQ if it helps, by giving your employees access to super intelligence, making your organisation smarter, faster, and 10x more productive. In a way, it's like applying a bigger brain to your company, resulting in that all your employees instantly becomes "rocket scientists".

What is AISTA's Expert AI systems
What is AISTA's Expert AI systems

Content Production

Turning your Junior Employees into Shakespeare

Imagine hiring a junior content producer and giving him a tool, and 5 minutes later he can produce thousands of pages of text per minute with the quality of Shakespeare? This is literally what we do. We provide cognitive assistance tools, that turns anyone into a super literate "Shakespeare".

Need to write 150 articles per day to stay on top of the latest SEO trends, in 200 different languages, based upon 500 different subjects? No problem, we've got you. With our AI Expert Systems one single employee can incrementally create thousands of super high quality articles every single day, each article written in a different language on a different subject.

Translation Services

Teach your Employees 50 Languages

Do you operate in 50 different countries, and need key account managers to communicate with people using 50 different languages? No problem, hire one guy, give him our tools, and he is instantly capable of communicating in any language on the planet. Our AI Expert Systems understands every single language that ChatGPT understands, and can perfectly translate between any of the languages it knows.

Cognitive assistance immediately makes your employees 1,000 times smarter. Translation services is just one aspect of our AI Expert Systems. Such systems would by themselves be a viable business model, but for us it's just one of thousands of use cases we solve. Need to learn 50+ new languages in 5 minutes? No problem, we've got you!

Using AISTA's AI Expert Systems as a translation system
Embedding your ChatGPT website chatbot on your website

Ask your Document

Our AI Expert Systems allows you to ask questions to your files

Do you have a 500 pages long PDF, and you need to extract 3 facts out of it? No problem, we've got you! Upload your PDF to your AI Expert System, phrase your question, and have our AI Expert System return 3 simple facts to you, in one or two paragraphs, in 20 seconds. No more late nights reading through thousands of pages to find the one fact you were looking for. Let AI extract it for you while you sleep like a baby!

You decide what you want your model to be based upon, then you upload your documents or scrape your websites, and 5 minutes later you've got an AI that's a PhD in whatever subject you trained it on. With our tools, you can literally hire a monkey and risk having it win the Nobel Prize in Physics by accident!

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